Fruit Trays - Three Ways to Decorate Them

Make your fruit trays more attractive by playing with the arrangement. There are many ways to do this, some more original than others. It all depends on the look you're going for.
Fruit Trays - Three Ways to Decorate Them

Last update: 13 October, 2019

It’s very simple to make your buffets more attractive by adding fruit trays to your table. Long gone are the days of faux table arrangements and centerpieces, authenticity and functionality are what the latest trends are about. Make everything count when it comes to party food arrangement. Table space is valuable so if it isn’t edible don’t let it take up space.

These ideas are great for parties, birthdays and other special occasions. The fruit trays will attract a lot of attention simply because of the colorful composition.

So, play with your fruit palette to make it more dynamic. You’ll see how there’s a lot you can do with fruit, you just have to get creative.

You already know that you have to take care of the small details, and even though you might doubt the power of using fruit as edible decor, the result will be striking. Attractive food presentation is as important as the type of tableware or table linen you choose.

Here are three different ways to arrange a fruit tray so you can begin practicing for your next party.

1. Fill your trays with fruit kabobs

A tray of fruit kabobs.

Fruit kabobs are a simple, inexpensive way to adorn your tables, the result is visually striking. They’re also very easy to make and all you have to do is cube the fruits of your choice, trying to keep them about the same size. You can also play with their shapes and make some triangular and even round. The best selection of fruits for a particular occasion will vary with the seasons.

Once you have many pieces of cut fruit begin to insert them on kabob sticks. Make them as monochromatic or complimentary as you wish. You can also add other ingredients such as cheese, dark chocolate, and even dried fruits for a twist of flavor. Try to place the fruit pieces in the same order so you end up with a layered color effect.

Afterward, simply arrange them on a tray in an orderly manner, all in the same direction. You can top them with chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, or another dressing of your choice. Place other fruit such as berries around the tray so that the edge looks finished.

If the tray is too small or has no rectangular shape, you can also make mini kabobs. Follow the same process as with the larger ones, but arrange them standing up instead of laying them on the tray. Make sure the bottom piece is flat so they stand on it.

2. Make color sections

A palette of fruits colors.

Here you also begin by cutting the various fruit types into similar bite-sized pieces. There are many tools out there on the market to cut fruit into all sorts of shapes, such as balls, for example. These are great for watermelon and cantaloupe.

Once you have all of your fruit pieces, begin by arranging them by color on your tray. There are several possibilities for patterns here and all you have to do is place them in small piles (one type of fruit at a time), or in rows.

You could also make a concentrical design by placing fruit along the periphery of the tray line and continue the same design inwards until you reach the center. This is a lot more visually striking if you also play with the size of the fruit pieces. Keep balance in mind, it should look like a flower or a mandala. Also, you can place a small bowl containing syrup or cream or a bowl with cutlery/chopsticks and napkins in the center of the tray.

The most important thing here is for you to make sections of colors either as a gradient or checkered, and play with the shapes. There’s so much you can do with this idea. Your imagination is the limit.

3. Fruit trays for your little ones

A tropical scene made with fruit.

This last possibility is great for children’s parties or even just for their breakfast. And,  they’ll love to help you! Here you can make illustrations with fruit pieces: a smiley face, a lion or mouse head, letters, numbers, etc.

Any child will love to eat anything that looks pretty. Here you can also include a bowl for cream and other dressings or toppings. Also, you can use the empty watermelon shell and use it as a tray for your fruit.

As you can see, all of the above ideas are very simple and eye-catching. Let your imagination free and use fruit as your palette to create the most exquisite compositions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.

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