Fringe Decor: Awesome Ideas

Want to know more about fringes? Here are some cool objects with fringes for this year.
Fringe Decor: Awesome Ideas

Last update: 25 February, 2019

Decades ago, fringe decor made its way from clothing to other items and, of course, decorative and functional objects. Fringes are starting to appear on pillows, blankets, armchairs, decorative garlands, walls and even hanging objects like light fixtures or mirrors.

In today’s post, we want to show you awesome fringe examples and ideas to familiarize you with the options or even inspire you to make your own.

Fringe decor on pillows

Fringes are starting to appear on certain types of fabrics and textile objects in home decor. A common example is a fringed pillow. You can buy a fringed pillow cover or you can add them to your couch pillows yourself.

You can find strips of fringe in different colors and materials at craft stores. Just sew them onto the edges of your pillows. Fringes are a lovely decorative detail that’ll add originality. If you’re on a budget, you can opt to make your own fringes instead. Cut yarn into equal pieces and sew them onto the edges of your pillows by hand or machine.

Fringe 1

Fringe decor on original pieces

Make a fringe garland

This next idea is simple and widely used in many homes for various occasions. It’s a fringe garland and you can find a huge variety of options at stores or make them yourself.

To make your own garlands and dress your home with fringes, you can use different kinds of materials. The most popular ones include fabric and paper.

You need the following materials:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric scraps in different colors and patterns
  • Paper in different textures and colors
  • Rope

Whether you’re using fabric or paper, you first need to cut the string into pieces of your desired length. Use different colors and textures together. Feel free to use one or more tones.

Once you’ve finished cutting your material, knot them side-by-side onto the rope. And you’re done! Now you have a fringe garlandYou can alternate the direction of the strips, leave spaces, group them together or cover the entire rope.

It’s a great and original way to decorate with fringe. Decorate your bedroom, children’s bedroom or living room with this garland. If you want to make one for an anniversary or special event, just pick out the colors to match the occasion.

Fringed rod

As we mentioned earlier, you can find fringed objects for sale or make them yourself. Our next idea is a hanging fringed decor that you can make yourself.

Obtain a thin rod or stick in any material that you prefer. Gather yarn in different colors, widths, and textures. Cut them into similar sized pieces. One-by-one, knot them all next to each other onto the rod. Next, cover the rod and brush out the fringe. Cut the ends if you need to.

Now, you have beautiful fringed decor. If you don’t want to use yarn, feel free to create your decoration with a different material. For a rustic effect, choose a wooden stick or a dried branch. Look for yarn in natural, earthy or sand colors.

fringe 2

Other hanging fringed decor

You can find an infinite variety of decorative fringed objects at stores. For example, there are lamps with fringes in different lengths that hang off the bottom. Or you might even find mirrors with a curtain-like bottom fringe.

Fringe decor is in style and it’s a must for every corner of your home. Fringe also adds precious detail to any object. Try making your own decor for your favorite pieces or for secondary ones that need something special.

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