Find a Use for PVC Pipes that You No Longer Use

You’ll be surprised by what you can do with PVC pipes that look like they should be thrown out.
Find a Use for PVC Pipes that You No Longer Use

Last update: 17 March, 2019

PVC pipes are increasingly used as a construction material. If you’ve carried out any renovation work in your home recently, you’ll have noticed that many off-cuts end up in the trash. But, before throwing them out, take a look at the post that we’ve put together for you.

In this post, you’ll find some useful, decorative, cost-effective and easy ideas for reusing your PVC pipes. Take a look at all of the things you can do with a simple PVC pipe. You’ll be surprised!

Create your own wine rack with PVC pipes

Let’s begin with a very simple idea. How about a wine rack made out of PVC pipes? To create your own wine rack, all you’ll need are some pipes that are just slightly wider in diameter than a wine bottle.

Then, cut the pipes so that they are the same length as the bottle. If you’d like the wine bottles to be more visible, then you could cut the pipes a little shorter so that the corks stick out. We love this look because it transforms your wine bottles into a decorative addition to a room.

Then, you can paint your pipes using a spray. Choose a color that goes well with your room or that stands out so that your wine rack takes center stage. If your home has an industrial style, you could also leave the pipes unpainted.

Finally, glue your pipes to one another using plastic glue, which will create a durable and stable structure. Leave the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Our second idea is a unique and practical organizer for your belongings.  You can hang this on your kitchen or bathroom doors and it’s perfect for organizing belongings with cables.

To make this organizer, all you’ll need are some PVC pipes that are the same size as the objects that you would like to organize. Glue the pipes to the inside of your cupboard and place your items inside them. Then, cut the pipes so that they are just shorter than the objects themselves. Now you’ll easily and comfortably be able to remove your belongings.

An organizer such as this is really useful for storing items such as hair dryers, hair straighteners or electric whisks. You can save on space and keep your things in order.

If you prefer a more finished look, then you could paint your PVC pipes the same color as your cupboard doors. Then they’ll match and blend in.

A unique room divider

Our final idea for reusing your PVC pipes is a unique room divider to go in any room in your home. You could place the divider in your living room to separate your eating area from your living room. Another option is to place the divider in your bathroom to create a more private around the toilet.

You’ll need to find PVC pipes of different diameters to make this divider. Then, cut them to the desired size. It’s best to paint them before placing them in your divider. Otherwise, painting them afterwards might be quite difficult.

Start by gluing the first layer of PVC pipes to the floor and then continue with the layers until you reach the ceiling. Finally, glue the pipes of the upper and lower layers to the ceiling or wall. The result will be a unique room divider that can be adapted to any style.

These three ideas are just a brief example of what you can do with PVC pipes. If you have kids, we encourage you to create different designs, such as little houses in which your kids can play, caves or even a desk.

It’s clear that there are countless options for reusing PVC pipes and that these offer an affordable, simple and quick way of creating decorative and practical objects for your home. One thing is certain – from now on you’ll think twice before throwing out those extra off-cuts.