Decorate Your Keys Using Nail Polish

Decorate your keys without using too many materials - all you need is nail polish. Let your imagination go and paint them in any way you like. You can create an explosion of colors!
Decorate Your Keys Using Nail Polish

Last update: 07 November, 2019

Keys can either be quite boring or provide lots of fun, it all depends on you. All you need to decorate your keys and turn them into one-of-a-kind objects is a little creativity and nail polish.

So, decorate the keys with all sorts of motifs and use them to set yours apart from others. You can also give them away as rather original gifts. In addition, you can even place them around your home!

Decorate your keys with nail polish

Perhaps you’re one of those people who doesn’t like key chains because they take up a lot of space and end up breaking inside your purse. Or, maybe you just think that life, in general, could be more fun if it was full of bright colors.

Try out this super fast and easy way to that can solve one of your life’s problems and no longer have to spend several minutes looking for the key in front of whatever it is you wish to open. As we said before, all you need is nail polish in the color or colors you’re going to use. You can mix and match endlessly!

1. Basic design

A set of decorated keys.
Find the nail polish color you like the most and use it to coat the top of your key (don’t ever paint the part you use to open the door because it’ll get stuck in the keyhole). Let it dry and apply a second coat.

Once the nail polish is dry, turn the key around and add a couple of coats to the other side. Ideally, let it dry overnight before you use it. Here’s one tip – hang it somewhere so that the paint doesn’t make contact with any other object as it will stain it.

You can use a different nail polish color for each key and make your keyring fun with this basic design.

2. Decorate your keys with flower motifs

Four keys with painted flowers.
For this motif, you will need at least two nail polish colors and a fine brush (most nail polishes already have one). You may need to practice a little beforehand and fine-tune your touch. This will greatly improve your nail painting skills.

Add two coats to the top of your key and let it dry well. It’s very easy to make flowers; all you need is a central dot and five dots around it. For example, the middle one could be white or yellow and the rest either pink or red or orange or purple, etc. The idea is for it to contrast the color of the flower with the base color.

3. Polka dot motif

Three polka dot designs.

This motif is similar to the previous one and will be a fun way to spruce up your keys. For example, you can add two coats of red nail polish to the top of the key as a base and then add black and white dots, keeping them at a distance from each other. The number of dots and their thickness are up to you. You can make all sorts of variations on this motif if you vary the color combinations.

4. Shiny nail polish

Four shiny keys.

If you’re one of those people who love to have shiny and flashy things wherever you go, then you should decorate your keys with metallic nail polish.

5. Decorate your keys with animal motifs

Keys with animal prints.

If you’re a fan of animal prints such as leopards, zebras or snakes then you must decorate your keys the same way! Mainly so they match your outfits, your purses, your shoes, and your belt and, of course, your nails.

6. Leaves and lines motifs

Various flower motifs.

This is a slightly more complicated craft that requires more materials. But, if you already do French manicures then you won’t have a problem with it. All you have to do is place adhesive strips on your keys to make the lines straighter and nearly perfect. Mix and match the colors you like the most.

As you can see, keys decorated with nail polish can be that special object that adds brightness to your dull key ring.

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