10 Wooden Houses for Kids

Wooden houses are the perfect place for your kids to play. They will keep your children entertained for hours on end. You can also build them yourself and include your little one in the task.
10 Wooden Houses for Kids

Last update: 14 November, 2018

There’s a lot of variety in the world of wooden houses for children. You can find differences in the way they’re made and how much they cost.

Normally, the more accessories you want to include, such as a back door, windows with flower boxes, a porch, or a chimney, the higher the price will be.

If you don’t want to (or simply can’t) build one yourself, you can find stores that include an assembly service. If you want to build it yourself, we advise that you make a scaled model in a smaller size so that you have everything under control before you begin.

In general, the prices of wooden houses will vary between 300 and 1,500 euros. You can always reduce these costs by building it yourself.

Most of the time they come unpainted. This is a perfect opportunity to personalize them so that they’re original to you and your family.

When choosing wooden houses, we have to think about how old our kids our, since their ages will most likely change what we include. Obviously, a house for a three-year-old won’t be ideal for a child who’s ten.

Where’s the best place to put wooden houses for children?

You can put a child’s playhouse just about anywhere on the ground, either in the garden, on a terrace, or on cement. 

Building a wooden house in a tree, or a tree house can be more a little more difficult. Tree houses seem only to exist in books and movies. But it’s not impossible!

tree house

tree house / padres.facilisimo.com

Another type of tree house is one that you can put in a sandbox or place on a rubber floor made of recycled material. These are ideal for very young children, and you’ll most commonly find them in parks, nurseries, or schools.

Sometimes, regardless of the surface, some have their bases on four fixed posts and are elevated off the ground. In this case, they need stairs so that your children can get in.

Some examples of wooden houses for kids

As you’ll see below, we can find many different designs that have varying degrees of complexity. The price will differ depending on how complex or advanced the house is.

  • The simplest. These are generally smaller, and they usually have only four walls, a door, and a window. Because of their small size, you can put them in any room, which can be an advantage in the winter months. We recommend these for younger children.
  • Houses with two floors. These are very elaborate.
  • Wooden houses with boards. This type of material is increasingly used in both furniture design and home accessories. These are quite cheap and you may even be able to find them for free, for example using recycled boards. Therefore, the final cost of the house will be less expensive.
wooden houses made of boards
house made of boards / muebleshechosconpalets.com
  • Building this type of play house is a simple process, all you have to do is make the structure. After you do this, all you have to do is place the boards on it. You’ll make the roof and the door this way. For the door, you just add hinges.
  • Small houses built in trees. You’ll need to choose a strong and robust tree to do this. You can buy tree houses that are already constructed, or you can build them yourself.
tree house
  • Houses with a slide. These are houses that you would place in a sandbox or on top of a rubber floor. You’ll need a firm, dry, stable surface.
  • Realistic houses. These designs get their inspiration from real houses. Although they’re much smaller than real houses, they’re still very easy to assemble. In addition, they bring a modern touch to your backyard while also being unique and original pieces to admire.

Sometimes, in the most elaborate designs, you can use a small fence to make the house seem more real.

Another type of wooden house for children: dollhouses

This type of house comes in multiple versions, especially in terms of size. 

Some are open on one of the walls so that the child can see the interior and play easily. They’re usually cheap, small, and easy to transport.

In the case of more elaborate houses, there are large houses that have a small space for one or two children to sit comfortably. That space, where you can put two small chairs, can have doors that are about 70 cm high.

Just as we found playhouses inspired by real buildings, the same goes for dollhouses. As a result, we can see truly modern small-scale houses in playrooms. 


When our children grow up, we can use their playhouses as sheds or small warehouses if they’re large enough.

Until then, they’ll be places where our children can develop their imagination and creativity. A playhouse is every child’s dream.

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