Our choice of affordable bedside tables

Bedside tables are an essential piece of furnture for our bedrooms. Here you will find our choice of this season's affordable bedside tables.
Our choice of affordable bedside tables

Last update: 12 February, 2019

Bedside tables are an essential piece of furniture for any bedroom. There are many types and designs of bedside tables, which come at a range of prices. Many of us have at least one bedside table, if not more. With this in mind, we have put together a list of affordable bedside tables for you.

Bedside tables, also known as nightstands,  normally sit next to your bed and store everything you need for going to bed or for getting up. In the past, bedside tables had doors to ensure that your belongings were kept out of sight.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of designs available for bedside tables: tall, low, with feet or without feet, with doors or without doors, or even with small shelves.

The need for a bedside table

Bedside tables have come to play an important part in bedroom decoration, as much in adults’ bedrooms as in children’s or teenagers’ bedrooms. It’s very common to find two bedside tables in a bedroom, one on each side of the bed, although some bedrooms have only one table.

As we previously mentioned, bedside tables are also known as nightstands. A source of light, such as a lamp or a spotlight, is often placed on top of these tables and is a real must.

Depending on the size of your tables, you could also place flowers or a photo of your loved ones on top of them.

As well as being functional, bedside tables are also very decorative. When choosing them, it’s important to make sure that they fit with the items in your space. and that they’re not seen as separate pieces of furniture.

There are many types of bedside table is various designs and sizes. Bedside tables have also evolved to the extent that some take the form of chairs, the trunks of trees or old stacked suitcases. Some are even hanging tables, which is a great idea that we love.

Tree trunks:

Bedside tables that made from tree trunks are one type of affordable table that we really love, thanks to its simplicity and originality. All you need is a piece of wood that is your desired height and thickness. You can leave the wood as it is, or you could give it a varnish to give it a more finished look.

Any carpenters or joiners would be able to provide one of these tables. As it’s not common to request an unfinished piece of wood, it’s likely that you will have to negotiate on its price. However, interior decoration shops sell these tables for around €50.00 and some online shops sell them for less than €10.00.


The Gladom bedside table, which is made of metal and is quite high, is made by IKEA. The best feature of this table is that the upper part is detachable. This provides a practical tray – perfect for breakfast in bed. This table is also round, it has four feet, it is available in several colors and costs €19.95.

DIY Bedside Tables

The most affordable bedside tables are undoubtedly those that you can make yourself. This is easy using affordable or even recycled materials, which you can use to create unique, authentic and affordable bedside tables.

Another idea that we really love is the idea of a hanging bedside table. All you need is a tabletop of wood or metal, sailing rope, and some anchors. Firstly, you need to drill three holes into the table top, through which you can thread the sailing rope. Then, join the three pieces of rope at one point in your ceiling using an anchor, and hey presto!

Another really simple idea is to use wooden crates that transport fruit. You will need to stand the crate vertically so that the base faces outwards. Make sure that the box is also of durable wood.

If you lack space you could add a shelf to your table and strengthen it to make it more durable. You could also personalize your crate with your preferred color. You can find these crates online or get them for free at grocers or supermarkets.

Currently, there are various types of affordable bedside table on the market. In this post, we wanted to show you our small selection of tables, including a couple of DIY ideas. As you can see, making a bedside table does not need to leave you with empty pockets.