Make a Youthful and Fun Headboard for Your Bedroom

We'll share a series of ideas to make your own youthful and fun headboard. Replicate these ideas or get inspired to create your own.

Last update: 26 August, 2021

Most people use base beds, exposing the wall behind them, so we want to give you some ideas so that you can build your own youthful and fun headboard. In this way, your bedroom will look much more attractive and personal, since you’ll have a unique item.

Among the most traditional options for headboards are those made of wood or upholstered with fabric, but in this article, we want you to go further. You’ll see that with different materials, (even recycled), you can achieve a lot.

Make a youthful and fun headboard for your bedroom

The best thing about making your own youthful and fun headboard is that you can print your personality traits on it. This is how you’ll be able to create a decorative piece that no one else will have. Take note of the options we’ve prepared for you.

Youthful and fun headboards with recycled wood

Use recycled wood.

Recycling is always an excellent option when it comes to decorating the different spaces in our homes. In the case of making your own youthful and fun headboards, you can use recycled materials.

In this case, you can also appeal to your imagination and use pieces of recycled wood to make different shapes. Although the herringbone pattern is the most popular (because it’s beautiful), it’s not the only shape you can create. Play with the possibilities!

To add more style, play with colors too. Paint some boards and leave others in their natural state. In fact, you can choose a paint pattern that, when seen from afar, forms a shape of your choice.

Painted youthful and fun headboard

This is the cheapest and easiest option to execute. Start by choosing the wall on which you’ll paint your headboard, along with the colors and the shape. People usually choose rectangles, but it’s not the only option–you can paint circles, triangles, and even irregular shapes of your choice.

Lean on tape to mark out the headboard and start painting. You don’t have to use a single color, you can combine two to three. Even if you have artistic talent, take the risk of painting figures or create a drawing.

Use perforated panels

You can use perforated panels.

Perforated panels allow you to play with your designs. In the case of headboards, they offer us different ways to personalize them to make them more youthful. These elements are easy to install, practical and you can use them to make shelves, an organizer, or other decorative elements that are useful to you.

Get inspired by the perforations to decorate them and use different elements such as fabric ribbons, wool or knitting thread, and even corks. Consider using all the items that come to mind. They’ll contribute to the decorative style that you want to create in your bedroom.

Use rattan for a unique piece

Another material you can use to create your own youthful and fun headboards is rattan. Although this is a very traditional material, you can achieve unique shapes and styles. In fact, you can mix rattan with decorative accessories that complement it, such as lamps.

Rattan is ideal for feminine bedrooms because it adds delicacy and due to its finesse, it encourages a natural and bohemian atmosphere.

DIY youthful and fun headboard

Knit with yarn.

To conclude our ideas for youthful and fun headboards we want to give you some exquisite DIY recommendations. Choose the one you like the most, combine ideas or invent your own!

  • Colored threads: build a thin wooden frame, paint it or leave it natural. Choose various shades of yarn or knitting wool and make a weave. You can find a regular pattern or start spinning them in different directions.
  • Braided fabrics or textile fibers: recycle scraps of fabric or textile fibers and build a wooden frame that you can braid them into. You can choose pieces of the same color or use stamps.
  • Ropes: you can buy or recycle these and, as with the two options that we’ve given you, braid them or make a figure.
  • T-shirt fabric: this material is very fashionable and you can use it to create your youthful and fun headboard. Use the wooden frame to interweave the fabric, which can be a single color or a combination of several.

More ideas to make a youthful and fun headboard for your bedroom

We’ve given you a few ideas to create your own youthful and fun headboards for your bedroom, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the only options available. As we’ve emphasized, from these ideas, you can create your own style, play with colors and materials to make a unique piece, in addition to being youthful and fun.