Ideas for Building Custom Headboards

Custom headboards allow you to choose from an infinity of shapes and designs to create give your room a more personal touch.
Ideas for Building Custom Headboards

Last update: 22 March, 2021

Custom headboards provide a decorative element in addition to a definitive practical solution for your room. They are fixed, timeless, and versatile, a major contrast to traditional headboards.

These type of headboards are becoming increasingly popular. You can design them to your liking so that they meet your storage and space requirements.

You spend a great deal of time in your bedroom. Therefore, you should change it up from time to time. As a rule, your room needs to be completely functional. With some minor transformations, you’ll have the perfect design that sets the trend and doesn’t defy aesthetics.

Considerations prior to constructing custom headboards

Choose the right type of material for your headboard.

You must choose the right material before constructing your headboard. That choice depends on the function of the room and how much space you have. These are the keys to designing a custom headboard.

The headboard will be a fixed element, so if you want to change it later, that will require some work. You need to be one-hundred percent clear about the type of design you want.

One of the most practical ideas is to make two holes in opposite sides of the headboards, creating bedside tables on each side of the bed.  

Main advantages of custom headboards

Custom headboards have several advantages.

Custom headboards are completely personalized. That gives you the option to choose the measurements, materials, functionality, and storage capacity, among other features.

They fit perfectly in small spaces and can hide certain flaws on the walls. Sometimes there are drawbacks, such as pillars, which can make the perfect wall finish impossible.

In this case, you’ll have to think long and hard about feasible solutions in accordance with your desires. Not only will you solve the problem, but you can take advantage of the situation. For instance, you can create custom-made shelves from Pladur.

A custom headboard can also serve as a space divider, when it is supported on a partition. For example, you can divide the dressing room area from the rest of your bedroom.

Colors and finishes

If you want your headboard to stand out, use striking colors. As an alternative, you can paint it the same color as the wall to blend in. Any possibility is valid, as long as you consider what best fits your style and what matches with the current decorations in your room.

Consider the materials

Everything in your bedroom should be in harmony, including the headboard.

Among the multiple options, lacquered wood is the most popular. It’s very versatile, giving you the freedom to create infinite designs.

Thanks to its versatility, we suggest opening holes in the headboards to place tables or to simply connect drawers. White or light colors achieve the perfect look.

If you want your headboard to be warmer, use natural wood cut to size, or other types of materials, such as brick or plasterboard.

When you use plasterboard, you’ll have a headboard that integrates properly into your room. However, its two biggest disadvantages are its delicacy and the marks it creates on the wall. As a result, your walls will need continuous painting.

Custom headboards as space definers

You can choose to define the space in your bedroom.

The custom headboard defines and organizes your space. As previously mentioned, they separate the bed area from the dressing area, or the bathroom as well.

The headboard is completely fixed to the ground and must have a consistent structure. As for the dimensions, these depend on the space you have.

Regarding height, the headboard should, at a minimum, be the height of the bed. Add at least 60 cm, for support when you sit down on the bed.

Headboards that go to the ceiling are an increasingly recurring fashion. In addition, you can install a dresser on the opposite side.

In conclusion, custom headboards provide an excellent alternative for the decoration of your room. They give your room a simple and modern touch and help you better organize your space.