How to Create a Perfect Vanity Corner?

To create your perfect vanity corner, start by measuring the available space and choose an area with good lighting. Keep reading to discover everything you should know.
How to Create a Perfect Vanity Corner?

Last update: 11 August, 2021

For women, it’s very important to have a vanity corner. Ideally, it should be located in the bedroom, even if it’s a small room. Thus, you’ll always have your favorite beauty products on hand.

If you have one of those awkward corners, take advantage of it and place your vanity corner there. It’ll look amazing, it’ll be within your reach and you’ll no longer have an empty space. It’s a win-win!

How to create a perfect vanity corner?

Take note because we’re going to tell you what aspects are important and the ones that you must take into account to learn how to create a perfect vanity corner. Yes! A vanity corner that looks like it’s from a magazine.

Measure your corners and choose a strategic one

Measure your spaces to get your purchases right.

The first thing you have to do is stand at the door of your bedroom and visualize the corners of your room. With a panoramic view, it’ll be easier to identify which is the perfect one to install your vanity corner. You must be strategic, choose a space with good lighting, that facilitates transit and one that’s the most spacious.

Once you choose that perfect corner, it’s time to take your measurements. This is important because it allows you to be more accurate when choosing your table, mirror, chair, and other decorative objects. It’d be a shame if you bought a table that you thought would be a custom fit, but that ultimately doesn’t work.

A table and mirror can’t be missing

Once you have a clear idea and measured where your vanity corner will be, it’s time to furnish it. The dressing table is the most important object. It’s there where you’re going to pamper yourself and store your beauty products. Although the style will depend on your personal taste, ideally it shouldn’t be too heavy or bulky.

The drawers are very important, (especially when you have several products) because it’s easier to organize lots of items. You can also bet on those desk-style tables with shelves, instead of drawers. Also, consider using a glass table.

As for the mirror, there are different options. One of them is a wall mirror that reaches the ceiling and rests on the table, so you’ll have more visual range. These are known as vanity mirrors. Another option is a round mirror that goes in the center of the wall or one that’s portable and rotatable.

The chair is important

There are several chair options for that vanity corner.

To begin with, the chair you choose should be consistent with the style of the table, so there’ll both be uniform. What you can play with is the format; it doesn’t have to be a chair, it can be an armchair, a stool, or a bench. Simply choose the one you like the most and, one that fits the available space.

Keep in mind that stools have the advantage of being stored under the dressing table, as they don’t have a back. There are some very glamorous styles, like those in velvet, that adds a different touch.

Use organizers to keep order

Once installed, it’s time to place all your beauty products and makeup on the dresser. There are countless options for this. Among those that stand out, acrylic desk organizers are very useful for brushes and small objects.

Organizer baskets, bags, and boxes are ideal for larger products too.

Put your personal stamp on your vanity corner

Put your personal stamp on it.

For your vanity corner to be the perfect area, you need to put your personal stamp on it. Although the products that we place there are usually colorful and contribute in decorative terms, it doesn’t hurt to add a couple of plants such as succulents.

For example, if the corner where you placed the dresser is dim, decorate it with a nice lamp. Don’t forget to include a picture frame to remember your special loved one or display a special souvenir.

How’s your vanity corner?

Now you know how to start your project and create the perfect vanity corner that you’ve always dreamed of. Give yourself the luxury of decorating it as you consider, because it’s such a personal place that, without a doubt, it should highlight your personality.

You have so many decorative options, from the style of the table, the choice of chair, to the type of mirror you prefer. So relax and enjoy this process.

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