Feng Shui to Harmonize Your Relationship

If you're trying to improve your relationship, try these Feng Shui tips to create harmony in your bedroom.
Feng Shui to Harmonize Your Relationship

Last update: 15 December, 2018

Through arranging furniture, materials, smells, and colors, Feng Shui aims to create positive vibrations in our environment. It can even create more harmonious relationships.

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that seeks balance, harmony, and peace in homes, offices, and even outdoor spaces. It manages energy and harnesses it to design healthier environments.

You may have read about what Feng Shui can do for you. It’s not something magical. Instead, it’s a millenarian technique based on a theory of 5 elements and directions.

This philosophy generates awareness about the effect our spaces have on our lives. Feng Shui enthusiasts learn to manage the energy using colors, materials, and decorative objects.

One of the most important spaces is the bedroom and its effect on relationships. Yes, this philosophy can even help when it comes to the heart.

A bedroom where love reigns, thanks to Feng Shui

Regardless of your relationship status or sexuality, the balance of masculine and feminine is fundamental. This philosophy says that we all contain both types of energy. It is essential that we learn to harmonize them in order to have a healthier lifestyle.

A bedroom is a place where relationships take place. It can influence what we are projecting, what we hope to build, and even help harmonize things.

The colors

Feng shui encourages a balance of masculine and feminine.

If your relationship is cooling off, there isn’t much communication, and you feel like you’re growing apart, be careful! You could be misusing colors. The first thing you should know is that for walls it is better to opt for neutral tones (beige, sand, white). These can help you relax, which is a key function of the bedroom.

However, we don’t want the bedroom to feel too cold. Add touches of warmth with the textiles: the sheets, curtains, and decorative elements. Orange, blue, or green or ideal to increase communication and bring relationships closer.

Two by two

We recommend that decorative elements are even in number. There should be two bedside tables, two lamps. Symmetry is important. Also, remember the concept of paired objects. For example, if you have a picture of a man, also put up a picture of a woman.

The bed

We want something solid and stable to sleep in. Therefore, the headboard should be up against the wall. Try something rounding since sharp edges are synonymous with conflict. The more solid the bed feels, the greater sense of security you’ll feel.

Feng shui proposes that a bed should feel stable.


Mirrors are a great way to create energy and an element that Feng Shui uses to balance spaces. However, in the bedroom, you need to be careful where you put them. Never put them directly in front of the bed. The flow of energy can interrupt sleep and without sleep, it’s hard to have a good day.

Electronic devices

You want intimacy, relaxation, and a place where you can communicate. Never put a television in the bedroom. In addition to electromagnetic waves that can affect your sleep, it is a deadly enemy for relationships.

Be careful with your computer, tablet, or phone. Keep them out of the bedroom. Instead, use the room to spend quality time together or alone.


We also don’t recommend creating a workspace in the bedroom, either with lots of books or exercise equipment. Again, you want to avoid anxious energy. None of this is positive for your relationship.

The lighting

Lighting is important for feng shui.

Look for a warm light. Also, make the most of natural light. At night, you can light a candle to create a more intimate atmosphere and soft energy.

Cleanliness and order

As with the rest of the house, order is essential for us to feel at peace. Remember: what is outside is inside. If your room is a mess, your mind will also be cluttered. Your bedroom is a temple for resting and to connect with your partner. If things are all over the place, this could lead to arguments.

The decoration

Stuffed animals or dolls of any kind are strictly forbidden. These are childish elements that tie you to immature relationships. If you have photographs, put up only ones of you and your partner. Leave your parents, friends, and even your children out of the bedroom.