5 Tips for Decorating Your Bed like a Pro

Want to do something new to decorate your bed but don't know how? In our post today, we'll show you some beautiful ideas for decorating your bed like a professional.
5 Tips for Decorating Your Bed like a Pro

Last update: 30 May, 2019

Dressing up your bed can be a wonderful way to decorate your bedroom. Your bed should look beautiful and comfortable. With that as or objective, we’d like to invite you to rest blissfully at night.

Using accessories that match perfectly with each other and with your bedroom colors is crucial. You can also play around with the contrast and combination of various textures, patterns, and tones as well when you decorate your bed.

Try to steer your bed decor in the style and colors of your bedroom. Because it’s a bigger piece of furniture, if you dress it up enough, it can also serve as the centerpiece of your room. Below in our post, we’ll explain 5 tips to bear in mind while you decorate your bed like a professional.

How to decorate your bed

When you dress up your bed, you need to think about what you usually put on it and the surrounding accessories that you want to use as well.

Bed accessories

1. Choose the right bedding

To dress up your bed, you need to pick out the right kind of sheets, blankets, and comforters.   You really need to choose a soft and appropriate blanket for every season. In winter, you’ll need a down comforter and in the summer, a light blanket will do.

Try to find neutral and light colored bedspreads. They’ll give you a feeling of freshness, relaxation, and comfort when you’re ready to rest.

We recommend using colors like white, chalk white, beige or yellowish-gray. They’re easier to match with pillows or other objects that you use to decorate your bed. Aside from that, they’ll stand out in your room and you could use them to mix and contrast with your room’s other colors.

You should also use a cover as your bedspread. A cover will allow for frequent washes or an easy swap for other patterns or colors.

2. Stylish pillows

Pillows and decorative pillows are fundamental elements in bed decor. If you have a big bed, you can use several decorative pillows and play around with their shapes and colors. A popular option uses three rows of decorative pillows. Set them up from front to back, bigger to smaller. Decorative pillows also make for a great contrast with the neutral colors of your bedspread.

You can pick out different colors or fun patterns for your pillows to give your bed a little pop of color and personality. If you’d like, try using differently-shaped pillows to add more originality to your bed decor.

3. Use a plaid

Plaids, or a blanket that lies at the foot of your bed, are really handy and look lovely. You could use them as a functional and decorative element for your bed. Try to get a thin plaid for the summer and a wool one for the winter. If you’re interested, mix and match the colors and patterns of your plaid with your pillows.

4. Decorate the space around your bed

Decorating the space around your bed will tie up the overall decor. You could use some nice, fluffy rugs at the foot of your bed on each side. Another original, great idea is putting a nice candle on each side. You could use some nice string lights to match them, creating a romantic, warm space.

5. Ideas for combining colors

There are an infinite amount of colors that you can use for decor. What you choose depends on your bedroom style and colors as well as on your personal preferences. Below, we’ll show you some beautiful colors that you can use for your bed.

Bed colors

White and grays

A palette of white and varying shades of gray is the most popular for beds. White is the symbol of cleanliness. If you use a white bedspread with pillows that are in different shades of gray, you’ll really enjoy beautiful, elegant results.

Chalk white and flax

The colors in the beige or flax range are also quite popular for professionally decorated beds. You can use chalk white for your bedspread cover and play with different flax tones for your pillows and plaid.

You can use these colors, and many more, to decorate your bed. Always try to match according to your bedroom colors.