3 ideas for decorating your teenager's bedroom

Teenagers’ bedrooms have their own specific style. Today, we’ll give you some ideas so that you can make sure your teenager’s room is a perfect 10 out of 10.
3 ideas for decorating your teenager's bedroom

Last update: 30 September, 2018

A teenager’s bedroom is different from other types of bedrooms, because their occupants are completely different.

It’s no secret that adolescence is a very special developmental stage. Teenagers go through not just physical but cognitive changes. Ideas and perspectives alter and, although it might not seem like it, their perception of their bedroom will change completely.

Understanding their new perspective is essential, so in today’s article, we’ll help you out with some ideas for your teenager’s bedroom.

What makes a teenager’s bedroom so different?

Adolescence is the stepping stone between childhood and adulthood. Teenagers go through many physical, social and cognitive changes

One of the perceptions that’ll change the most, is the perception of their bedroom.

As a child, a bedroom is seen as a place for new experiences and discoveries and above all, a warm place where you can rest and grow.

Now that they’ve reached adolescence, their bedroom becomes a refuge, their “territory”, a place where they can be free, and express themselves through their own decorative style.

What’s more, a teenager’s bedroom becomes a place for rest and relaxation, inspiration, and meeting with friends.

But that’s not all. The time for play is already far behind, replaced by academic work and responsibilities, so having space to study is essential.

It does’t really matter whether it’s for a son or a daughter, because all – or at least most – teenagers follow this same pattern.

Above all, a teenager’s room should be a really versatile space. This doesn’t have anything to do with size; it’s all about good organisation and distribution of space.

Because adolescence is a time for growth, it’s important that the bedroom promotes creativity and personal development.

Using black can add so much character to a teenager's bedroom.

Idea #1: Zones

As we’ve already said, teenagers don’t just see their bedrooms as a place to sleep, but also as somewhere where they can study, relax and have fun with friends.

It’s therefore important that you can identify different areas in your teenager’s bedroom.

For example, it’s essential that they have a place to study.

You can create a study space by using some of the already existing spaces the room has to offer, like an alcove in the wall. Alternatively, you can buy a classic desk if you have the space.

You’ll also find that teenagers love spending time with friends in their rooms, so you can also create a little living room-type area.

It all depends on the size of the room, but this could be anything from a sofa with a little coffee table or simply a couple of beanbags.

You can also take inspiration from some of their likes and interests, and create a dedicated space for their hobby.

For example, if they love reading, instead of a little living room area, you could create a “reading corner”.

Take a couple of beanbags, some blankets, cushions and bookshelves and you’ll have a unique and charming reading space.

To separate the different areas or zones, you could use anything from carpets to curtains or folding screens.

Having a place to study is so important for a teenager's bedroom.

Idea #2: The Walls

The walls are a fundamental part of any room, and even more so in a teenager’s bedroom.

For a teenager’s bedroom, the most important thing is that the walls are full of energy.

To achieve this, use vibrant colors like blues, pinks, greens, oranges or even black, in contrast to other, lighter hues.

Alternatively, you could use wallpaper, neon lettering or decorative vinyls as a unique and original way to decorate the walls.

Use bright colors to add energy to your teenager's bedroom.

Idea #3: Textures

In a teenager’s room, textures can add loads of character. This is a good thing to keep in mind when you’re picking out the bedding, pillows or cushions.

Go for velvet, faux fur rugs or cushions of various sizes and fabrics to create eye-catching combinations.

Use textures to give your teenager's bedroom some character.


Nowadays, teenagers understand the latest fashion trends, so it’s important to keep this in mind when it comes to decorating their room. At the end of the day, it’s their space, so it should reflect their likes, interests, and personality.

Be creative – there are no limits to your imagination.

For example, adding a hammock, a hanging bed or even a chalkboard wall can give your teenager’s room incredible character and style.

Lastly, we want to underline the importance of storage in a teenager’s bedroom.

To maximise the available space, we recommend that you choose multi-purpose furniture, like a trundle or storage bed.

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