Ecological Dry Toilets - What Exactly Are They?

Nature urgently needs us to protect the environment and not waste so much water. For this reason, ecological dry toilets are becoming more and more popular. Keep reading to find out about them.
Ecological Dry Toilets - What Exactly Are They?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

There’s been a huge increase in people’s concern for protecting the environment. You can try out different things to improve your health and, at the same time, take care of the environment all from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we’re going to be talking about ecological dry toilets, what they are and how they work.

This sanitary resource is completely innovative. However, it’s not very common to find them in a traditional house. Not only are ecological dry toilets fashionable, but they’re great for the environment.

Not everyone can afford these items since they tend to be very costly. It was a completely unknown object until recently but they’re becoming popular in new and modern city houses as well as country homes.

“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”

-John Paul II-

What’s an ecological dry toilet?

A wooden ecological dry toilet.

An ecological dry toilet, as its name suggests, doesn’t require the use of water. Generally, we’re used to our toilets using copious amounts of water; this is their way of getting rid of the waste that we produce daily.

For this type of toilet, neither pipes or drains are necessary. The entire procedure is carried out dry. It’s possible to go to the toilet as you normally do, there’ll be no difference when it comes to that. However, the toilet won’t have a water tank nor will you have to push the flush button.

This is a great way to save water and take care of the environment. In addition to this, you don’t contaminate rivers or groundwater. All of this may sound great. However, you may be asking yourself: what am I going to do with all the waste? Well, you can use it as a natural fertilizer! We’ll be expanding on this a bit more in a minute.

-We must encourage those around us to take care of the environment-

4 main features of ecological dry toilets

Ecological dry toilets are very innovative and popular at the moment. Here's a picture of one in a country house.

This toilet is no different from the ones you have in your home. In other words, this type of resource doesn’t imply a change in the way of going to the bathroom. It’s the same in its shape and image. Nonetheless, it does have some internal peculiarities. Let’s see what they are.

  • First of all, it’s important to mention the material they’re made of. They’re made of fiberglass, which makes them very durable. They can resist daily use and, on top of that, it’s possible to move them around since they’re mobile.
  • Once you open the lid, you’ll find a urine receptacle with a pipe that goes out through the bottom or simply into a tank. In this way, it’s possible to get rid of liquids pretty easily.
  • On the other hand, there’s a larger space designed to collect solid waste. In this area, you place sawdust, soil or any other dry material that prevents the occurrence of odors and that’s easy to clean. Since this bucket is transportable, you can remove it whenever you need to.
  • You can clean ecological dry toilets the same way you’d clean a regular one. Of course, you have to clean it every time you’re done using it. However, it can be used several times and, when appropriate, you can dispose of the waste.

What can you do with the waste?

A compost bin designed to receive the waste that comes from ecological dry toilets.

If you have a garden or your house is located in the country, you can make a compost bin. This can be the place where you’ll deposit all the waste as well as the sawdust. You can enclose this space with a wooden ‘wall’ since, of course, it’ll be the area where you accumulate all the feces.

To avoid bad odors, you can put a hole inside the compost bin where branches and dry leaves can also be deposited. The sawdust itself performs an extraordinary function and prevents the exit of any type of smell.

This compost can be used for orchards or the garden. You’re contributing to the development of nature without resorting to pollution or water waste.

Perhaps you live in the city and think that ecological dry toilets are interesting and would like to try them out. In that case, you can use a bucket with a bag to throw away all the waste.

“The greatest threat to the planet is the belief someone else will save it.”

-Robert Swan-

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