3 Tricks for Blocked Toilets

Check out these tricks for unclogging toilets!
3 Tricks for Blocked Toilets

Last update: 11 March, 2023

You flush the toilet and instead of going down, the water stays put in the bowl. Your toilet is blocked. If this happens to you, you have two options: call a plumber or unblock it yourself. If you’ve opted for the latter, you’ve come to the right place because we have three tricks for unblocking a toilet.

All are very simple and you’ll be able to do them yourself as long as you’re careful and have the right tools. You’ll most likely have them at home already and if not, will be able to find them easily at a low cost.

If you’re facing a blocked toilet, try one of our tricks. You’ll see the water flushing away in no time! But if your toilet is seriously blocked, you might have to contact a professional. In any case, try unblocking your toilet first to save yourself the bill and enjoy a properly functioning toilet.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the different ways to unblock a toilet. Read carefully and choose the method that’s the most suitable for your situation.

1. Extra water for minor blocks

You don’t have to call a plumber for minor blocks that result from a small obstruction. Instead, all you need is a way to push the obstruction along its path and allow the water to go down correctly.

First, use a plunger and plunge quickly and consistently to create a vacuum effect that will move the obstruction. Then, fill a bucket that’s more or less the size of your toilet bowl with water.

Once you have your bucket full of water, pour it into your toilet bowl as you flush. You’re essentially doubling the power of the flush with the extra water. Try pouring the water quickly to help it move the obstruction more efficiently.

2. Unblocking agent

Your supermarket will offer a variety of unblocking products. They’re all economical and very effective. We recommend trying out one of these products first before calling in a professional. It could be a low-cost solution.

All you need to do is pour the product into your toilet bowl and let it sit for the amount of time indicated on the product label. The product will get to work breaking down the obstruction and creating a new path for the water flow.

Pour the product into your toilet bowl before going to bed and let it work all night long. By giving it an entire night, you can ensure that it’ll take care of the obstruction completely and leave your toilet working like new.

3. The most serious blocks call for sodium hydroxide

If you’re facing a serious block and the above tricks haven’t worked, you have one more option – sodium hydroxide. Before explaining how it works, we want to give give you a word of caution. Sodium hydroxide can be dangerous. You need to handle it carefully as mishandling can have serious consequences. Read the product instructions carefully and follow the indications of the store or person who sold it to you.

Unlike unblocking agents, sodium hydroxide acts in a matter of seconds. It acts instantly because it’s a powerful chemical that could even damage the surface of your toilet bowl.

Now you’re all set with three different tricks for dealing with a blocked toilet. Just pick the one that best suits your situation. As you’ve read with us today, first analyze the block you’re dealing with and then, choose a solution. Always put safety first and keep products out of the reach of children.