4 Tips for Choosing a Storage Cart for your Bathroom

4 Tips for Choosing a Storage Cart for your Bathroom

Last update: 06 January, 2019

The bathroom cart is a really practical storage solution and decorative object.

It’s a great element to incorporate into your bathroom if you don’t have much storage space, or you need an extra work surface for when you’re drying your hair or putting on make up.

They’re also ideal if you want to have everything within arm’s reach while you’re taking a shower. This type of cart is typical of hair salons, and looks a lot like the serving carts you see in restaurants.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 top tips on how to choose the right bathroom storage cart, and tell you about some of the different advantages of having these great objects in your bathroom.

Advantages of the bathroom storage cart

  • They don’t take up much space: they come in all different sizes. However, if you want the most practical type of cart, you should go for one of the smaller models.

That way, you’ll be able to place it almost anywhere in your bathroom, without it getting in the way.

  • They’re easy to move: because they are carts, they also have wheels and are really mobile. This means that you can take them out of the bathroom when someone else needs to use the room, and finish what you’re doing somewhere else.

They’re also easy to move around the bathroom itself, meaning you can easily change the layout of your bathroom.

  • Extra storage space: their main purpose is to give you extra storage space in your bathroom. They’re usually used for keeping towels, toilet roll, and hair products.
  • They’re flexible: this means that you can increase their storage capacity by adding extra elements.
Bathroom carts are usually used for keeping toilet roll, towels and make up.

4 tips for choosing the right bathroom cart

  • Choose the one that best suits your needs: remember what you want to use it for – whether you need it for storing small items (like hair products) or large items (like towels etc.)

So, you should pay close attention to the accessories that come with it and make sure that it’s suitable for storing everything you need.

We would also recommend that you think about all the extra accessories that you can add, like drawers, shelves and trays, and whether you can combine them with compartment boxes.

  • Size: as we’ve mentioned before, bathroom carts come in all different sizes. However, you should choose one that is suitable for the size of your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, choose a small cart. As well as taking up too much space, a large cart will look out of proportion.

You can decorate your cart with flowers or colorful gems.

Following on from this last point, you should also think about how many drawers and shelves you need.

If you have a big bathroom, a large family, or you’re going to keep a lot of things on your cart, you should consider buying a tower storage cart. They usually have 3 or 4 levels and, as a result, plenty of space.

Decorating your cart

  • Bring your cart to life: although their main purpose is storage, don’t forget that they can also be decorative.

So, you can personalize your cart, not just by adding your favorite color, but also by decorating it with a bowl of colorful gemstones (like the ones you see in spas) or flowers.

Another great look is to add candles, which will also make your bathroom smell amazing.

  • Material: the most commonly used material for bathroom carts is metal. This industrial style looks great.

However, you can also find wooden carts, which are perfect for rustic style bathrooms. We don’t recommend buying glass carts; safety is the most important thing when it comes to furnishing a bathroom.

Bathroom carts are great practical and decorative elements.


This type of cart doesn’t just have to be used in bathrooms. You can also use them in your bedroom, for storing makeup, or in the kitchen.

These are really versatile, great for decorating and perfect if your bathroom is lacking in space.

You shouldn’t design your bathroom decor around your cart. If you do, and you decide to move your cart to a different room, your bathroom will end up looking incomplete. Your bathroom should look complete, with or without your storage cart.

Another point we should mention is that bathroom storage carts don’t have to be the same style as the decor in your bathroom.

For example, just because your bathroom is rustic in style, doesn’t mean that your storage cart has to be rustic too. Having two styles could create a wonderful contrast.