Why Try a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Still cleaning your pool manually? Robotic pool cleaners can take the job off your hands, leaving you to enjoy your pool with your friends and family.
Why Try a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Last update: 18 June, 2019

If you’re one of our lucky readers with a pool we have no doubt that you have awesome summers. But we also bet that you’re tired of cleaning and maintaining. Cleaning pool floors is a tough job. Instead of doing it manually, we recommend buying a robotic pool cleaner.

Whether you’re not quite on board with the idea or you don’t know enough about them to go ahead with a purchase, we recommend checking out our post today.

Below, we want to explain why making a small investment in a robotic pool cleaner is worth it. You won’t believe how much work and how many hours this little machine can save you all summer long.

Robotic pool cleaners don’t alter the composition of your pool water

robotic pool cleaner pool water

When it comes to pool cleaners, one of the biggest concerns is whether they alter the water or not? But these robotic cleaners return water exactly as they suck it in. The only difference between the before and after is that the end product is free of dirt particles.

We want to highlight that the levels of the different substances in pool water, such as chlorine or pH, remain the same.

You can program them to start at any time

robotic pool cleaner timer

One of the best features of robotic pool cleaners is their delay-start feature. Thanks to this feature, you can set the time and forget about cleaning your pool and just enjoy it instead.

Before setting the delay-start timer, you should think about certain aspects such as the size of your pool, how often you use it and if there are any trees nearby.

These are the three factors that have the biggest impact on pool maintenance.

Robotic pool cleaners need minimal maintenance

robotic pool cleaner minimal

One of the biggest reasons that make pool cleaners so worth it is their minimal maintenance. These machines are automatic and have a long product life. Starting from day one, you’ll hardly have to worry about maintenance.

And its durability makes its price tag easier to swallow. Pool cleaners can be quite an investment as they usually cost around 500 euros.

However, you should consider the fact that once you make your purchase, you’ll hardly need to spend any more on maintenance.

No installation necessary

robotic pool cleaner installation

If you buy a robotic pool cleaner and want to use it right away, you just have to plug it in. You don’t have to install it, making it an incredibly easy product to use. It’s another advantage that makes it a great purchase.

Considering how easy it is to use, these machines are actually more economical than they first seem to be. Think about it: even though they’re more expensive, they require minimal maintenance and no installation.

They come with a long cable making the job easier. They can be plugged in, even to an outlet far away from the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners clean walls too

robotic pool cleaner walls

If we think of a pool cleaner, clean floors come to mind. But many models actually can clean pool walls as well up to the water line. Most models, excluding the more economical options, boast this feature.

Forgetting about having to clean your pool floor and walls removes a huge burden when you own a pool. On top of that, you’d have to scrub for hours on end to clean with the precision of one of these machines. It’s clear to us: investing a little more for a robotic pool cleaner that cleans both floors and walls is definitely worth it.