Ten Ideas for a Beautiful and Charming Garden

Would you like to have a charming garden? Discover these very easy ideas to put into action. Are you ready?
Ten Ideas for a Beautiful and Charming Garden

Last update: 09 October, 2020

A charming garden is the ideal setting for moments of relaxation and fun. So you may be interested in these ideas to do just that!

Also, make terraces and porches an idyllic meeting place for friends and family where you can recharge your batteries.

Discover some ideas that’ll transform your spaces: from accessories and furniture to original items that’ll touch all the senses while you’re outside.

1. Furniture that invites relaxation

An outdoor patio full of plants.

The point of having a garden is being able to spend a lot of time in it and enjoy it. For this reason, it’s very important to plan what type of furniture you’re going to include.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if it’s small, the elements you choose must be comfortable and practical. Also, you should be able to use them to spend a pleasant afternoon reading or to have a gathering with friends.

Opt for washable, cozy chairs. You can hang a swing or even a hammock to take a nap in, like this one from IKEA. However, don’t forget to include a side table. You can even have a small storage space for throws in case it gets cold in the evenings.

2. Charming lights for your garden

Obviously, you should have warm lighting that invites relaxation, provides an intimate atmosphere, and lets you watch the stars.

You can hang LED lights or string lights to create a bohemian space. Also, we recommend including some lighting on the trees to create an even more charming garden effect.

3. Stone floors

A backyard with a stone floor.

Stone is a very cozy material and one of the favorites in garden decor because it’s really easy to care for. Also, you can mix several colors and finishes, or combine it with teakwood furniture for a stunning effect.

4. A small temple

Meditation is one of the most effective tools to combat stress and connect with yourself. So, if you have a garden, you can meditate outdoors. To do so, try creating a meditation space with stones or flowers, a rug, some candles, and everything that makes you feel at peace.

5. A fountain in your charming garden

A charming garden and fountain.

Water relaxes and purifies, so it’s an incredible element to include in your garden design. There are many types of fountains of very different materials. The mere sound of  falling  water will be music to your ears.

6. Add detail with recycled materials

Recycled materials are perfect for a garden because, in addition to taking care of the environment, you can test your DIY skills. Also, you can use pallets to create panels for a vertical garden, armchairs, a chill-out space, etc.

7. Lanterns

Some handmade lanterns hanging on a tree.

Lanterns are accessories connected to romanticism and summer nights. They’re a beautiful decor item. You can reuse glass jars and tie them with string from one tree to another. Furthermore, there are lots of easy and fun ideas on Pinterest.

8. Get cacti for a charming garden

Do you like cacti? There are so many diverse and interesting species and they’re perfect for creating an original corner in your garden. You can use some taller ones, smaller ones, some with flowers… and the best thing is they’re very easy to take care of.

9. Make planters with tires

A vegetable garden in old tires.

Another way to create a charming garden is by reusing tires to make planters. You can paint them in bright colors and put them next to each other playing with height. Why not try putting a small vegetable garden in them?

10. Pots are key to a charming garden

This may be a bit obvious but… put pots everywhere. Paint them, use different shapes, and play with the colorfulness of the flowers and plants to create a cheerful space.

With these 10 ideas to make your garden more charming, you’ll enjoy summer nights even more. Make use of the outside space, have gatherings, go out to read, meditate, and breathe fresh air.