Six Satisfying Outdoor Decoration Projects

Outdoor decoration is as important as interior decoration, especially if you like spending hours in the garden. DIY, crafting and recycling can help you design these spaces exactly as you wish.
Six Satisfying Outdoor Decoration Projects

Last update: 20 August, 2020

Besides giving our own touch to interior environments, outdoor decoration is another way to define what type of person we are.

In the following article, we’ll give you several DIY project ideas to decorate your outdoor spaces. Bring out your artistic skills and use the opportunity to recycle!

Outdoor decoration ideas

With little money, but a lot of imagination, you can have a garden, patio, or balcony worthy of an interior decor magazine. Outdoor decoration has its tricks, and you can do almost anything you want.

The result will be a beautiful, personalized, and, above all, cozier outdoor space that invites you to enjoy it at any time of the year.

1. Stone flower beds

A DIY stone flower bed is a great and easy outdoor decoration project

These are a big trend in outdoor decoration, and you don’t have to be an expert in landscaping to make them look beautiful. The key is to buy pebbles of different colors and sizes.

Use the largest pebbles to set out the flower bed area – they can be either flat or curved. Then you can plant your plants and flowers. Finally, cover the earth with the smallest stones. Let your imagination go!

2. Original plant pots

Recycled boots used as flower pots for outdoor decoration

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on plant pots. You’re likely to have several objects that you no longer use in the house, and you can give them a new life when decorating your garden.

There are options for all tastes, from old pots to car tires, to wooden ladders to pallets. And of course, plastic bottles that often become vases. You can paint or decorate them to your liking.

You can also be original with the way you position the flower pots. Some people choose to hang them on the wall or ceiling of a balcony or pergola.

3. Design lamps for outdoor decoration

Warm outdoor string lights

You can find these in specialized stores, in flea markets, or even make them yourself. Outdoor lamps make a great decoration piece, and you don’t need much knowledge to install them.

Some aren’t even electric, instead, they use candles that you can light whenever you want. This is a nice idea for a romantic dinner with your partner.

4. Pallets and more pallets

An outdoor pallet sofa with decorative cushions

There are thousands of ways to use pallets, especially when it comes to outdoor decoration. We’ve already talked about flowerpots that you can hang from the walls, but there are many other options.

For example, you can make a sofa bed with two pallets next to each other, a mattress, and several decorative pillows. You can also use them to make an amazing coffee table, or a work table if you enjoy gardening.

5. Old furniture

Outdoor decoration using a scaffold and some pillows
Scaffold /

We recommend that you take a look in the basement or attic of your family’s house, or visit the markets in your town. You’ll find old furniture in good condition that you can use in outdoor decoration.

For example, a pantry cabinet can become a storage place for garden tools, a kitchen unit becomes a miniature greenhouse, or a wooden ladder can hold several colorful pots on its steps.

You can even use an old scaffold to make a comfortable seat. Do this by placing a piece of wood at the bottom and cushions on top, it’s that simple! Or you can also use it to display all kinds of flowers, including vines over the metal structure.

6. Swings and hammocks in outdoor decoration

An outdoor swing made with thick rope

Lastly, this outdoor decoration idea isn’t only for houses with children. Adults can also enjoy that feeling of freedom and relaxing when on a swing.

You need a tree or two poles (for example, from a pergola or gallery) to hold the hammock. You can also put two more poles in the ground to use as support points. If you want, you can make your own swing with a thick rope and wood.

Many outdoor decoration options require lots of imagination. You can make beautiful and functional designs using objects that you have at your disposal.