Outdoor Sofas: 5 Budget-Friendly Options

Furnish and decorate your exterior without throwing your money away.
Outdoor Sofas: 5 Budget-Friendly Options

Last update: 04 January, 2019

As summer and good weather arrive, you’ll want to spend more time outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Therefore, we’ll give you 5 budget-friendly outdoor sofas.

Your porch, deck, or patio can be another place to decorate. Don’t forget that it’s another part of your home. Consequently, you should take care of it down to the smallest detail.

Why not make your outdoor space a place to rest, read, or spend time with friends? However, to do this, you’ll need to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Usually, most people only have their sofa in the living room. However, you can also put one outside to create a place for relaxation.

Budget-friendly wicker outdoor sofas

Wicker is a flexible, malleable material. It’s useful to create original furniture designs. Nowadays, you can also find wicker outdoor sofas.

Wicker can be a good option for outdoor sofas.

This material isn’t super expensive either. In fact, it’s been widely used as a resource in the old townhouses of the twentieth century.

You can pair wicker with the following styles:

  • Rustic
  • Country
  • Traditional
  • Alternative

Of course, this type of sofa should have comfortable pillows. Bare wicker itself isn’t feasible as a chair. Therefore, cushions will help turn it into a comfortable piece of furniture.

Due to the color of wicker, it pairs best with neutral-colored cushions. We don’t recommend intense colors, such as red, yellow, or green.

Pallet sofas

Wood is a cheap material that is becoming increasingly popular in homes. Why not consider furniture made with this material?

Wooden pallets can be used to make outdoor sofas.

Pallets are incredibly popular in interior and exterior design. You can make DIY outdoor sofas using pallets.

First, place pallets on the floor up against a wall (to have a backrest). Once you have the structure, add cushions. Usually, rectangular cushions work best to help maintain straight lines and aesthetics.

What kind of aesthetics do pallet sofas pair with?

  • Bohemian
  • Alternative
  • Relaxed
  • Rustic

In addition, you can easily move the pallets in case you want to change the design.

Swinging sofa

This is an original format that is attractive to both adults and children. In addition, it adds a creative touch that breaks the rules of budget-friendly outdoor sofas.

A sofa swing can be a fun option for outdoor sofas.

This consists of a seat attached to metal chains, which allow the bench to swing slightly and create a feeling of relaxation.

On the other hand, you can add an awning that protects both you and the sofa from the sun. In this sense, you give it more personality

This type of sofa comes in a variety of colors. You can also get a vintage style sofa swing. In the USA throughout the twentieth century, these swinging sofas became a feature of many porches and gardens.

Metal sofa

Metal is a material that, besides being budget-friendly, is also resistant. Some people think that wrought iron has to be expensive. However, in reality, there is a wide variety of prices and models.

Metal can be a good option for outdoor sofas.

This type usually consists of a metal seat, armrest, and backrest. These can have curved, linear, or more convoluted designs. Therefore, you can find one that fits your aesthetics.

However, because of the metal, you should have cushions for support. If the metal is darker, consider light colored cushions to create a contrast.

“Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.”

-Natalie Morales-

Wooden sofa

Wood, as mentioned above, is a budget-friendly and resistant material. However, it also combines perfectly with other decorative elements, especially in your garden or patio.

Wood can be a good material for outdoor sofas.

This type of sofa doesn’t usually have extravagant designs or unique formats. Instead. they feature simplicity and robustness. Cushions and pillows help as well. To match with wood, you can consider the following colors:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Dark green
  • Neutral colors

Wooden outdoor sofas combine with a traditional aesthetic. They are versatile and never go out of style. You can also just change the upholstery to give a whole new feel to your sofa.


It’s worth having a well-decorated interior to present to guests. Therefore, take care of your home both inside and outside with budget-friendly outdoor sofas. Make spaces for relaxing in every corner of your house.