Follow Our Steps - Decorate Your Beauty Salon

Have a new beauty salon but don't know how to decorate it? We'll show you how to create a modern, bright and welcoming salon.
Follow Our Steps - Decorate Your Beauty Salon

Last update: 11 November, 2019

Beauty salons are always buzzing with people and they’re a space where beauty, cleanliness and decor play key roles. Choose the right decor, objects and colors to create the decor style you want. In our post today, we want to go over the essential steps for decorating a beauty salon.

Remember, your salon needs to attract clients and be comfortable to work in at the same time. Read our ideas carefully and create the best decor for your salon.

Decorate your beauty salon

We need to consider a few essential aspects before getting started. First, think about the colors and materials that you want to use in your setting. If you already have a decor style or theme in mind, make sure they match accordingly.

Next, take some time to think about your space and layout. Bring your favorite furniture pieces, decor accessories, and light fixtures together. Now, let’s take a look at the main steps for beauty salon decor.

1. Choose the right colors

beauty salon colors

The colors you’ll ultimately choose for your space depends on your decor style. But you should always go for a light, neutral tone for the base color. Great examples include white, chalk white or light gray.

By using a light, neutral color, you can brighten up the area. In addition, you can pair it with a contrasting color. Use the contrasting color in decor accessories, furniture pieces and other decor elements. Use your favorite colors and create an original, yet harmonious setting for your salon.

2. Layout

beauty salon layout

Once you have your colors, it’s time to arrange your layout. First, take the time to analyze how much space you have available in your salon. Next, take measurements and start putting in the furniture and accessories.

The center should stay open and clearIt’ll help keep the flow of both employees and clients moving. In addition, a clear space will help make your salon look bigger.

3. Choose the right kind of furniture

beauty salon furniture

When you’ve figured out your layout, start choosing the furniture. We recommend hanging individual mirrors on the walls and accompanying each one with a small cabinet and a salon chair.

Remember, you’re creating a work environment for your employees and their clients. The mirrors should be appropriate in size and shape. In addition, the cabinets should have separate compartments to help organize all their work items, such as brushes, spray bottles, hairdryers, creams, etc.

On a different note, if you have a manicure station in your beauty salon, set up a separate space in the corner. You can arrange several manicure carts in the color and material of your choice.

Lastly, you also need to reserve a corner of your salon for a waiting area. Add a comfortable couch, coffee table and magazine rack to help your clients wait patiently for their turn.

4. Decorative elements

beauty salon decorative elements

Once you have all of your furniture you need to move on to the decorative elements. For example, you can try pictures of cosmetic products, models or anything that matches your salon.

Decorate a wall or two with these kinds of decorative items. But be careful not to overwhelm your settingTry to use things that create visual unity for your decor.

5. Lighting

beauty salon lighting

Lastly, light is essential for this line of work so use a good lighting system in your salon. You can try spotlights above the mirrors as well as wall and ceiling lamps.

If your walls are a light color, they’ll work beautifully with good lighting. Currently, mirrors with a lightbulb-border for makeup or hair stations are all the rage. They decorate a space while providing perfect lighting to work with.

Follow our steps and decorate your beauty salon. Use functional and decorative objects that best suit your preferences and decor needs. Try using resistant, easy-to-clean and visually-pleasing materials throughout your salon.