4 Autumn Wedding Decor Ideas

According to experts, autumn is the perfect season to get married. Learn how to pull off the best decor for the event.
4 Autumn Wedding Decor Ideas

Last update: 12 September, 2019

While many couples don’t usually opt for an autumn wedding, wedding experts actually believe that it’s a season that offers many more benefits than meet the eye.

In Spain, close to 70% of couples choose to celebrate their weddings between April or the end of September. But planning a wedding outside of those months can really have some advantages. For one thing, costs are much lower because it’s off-season.

On the same note, choosing a date, place, photographer, catering service or restaurant will be easier as all of these services will have more flexible schedules. As a result, you’ll have many more options.

Additionally, the weather is another bonus. Although it depends on where you live, autumn offers ideal weather conditions with plenty of sunny days. You don’t have to worry too much about the rain. October, for example, is a great month for a wedding.

As for your wedding photos, wedding experts say in autumn, the sun is further away, resulting in a softer light and less glare and shadows. Not to mention photography services will be cheaper off-season as well.

Now that we’ve looked at the main advantages of autumn weddings, we want to show you some decor tips to pull off the perfect decor for your big day.

autumn wedding decor

1. Get familiar with the autumn color palette

As we’ve already mentioned in previous posts, the perfect color autumn color palette features browns, golds, ocher, and reds. It can also include garnets, purples or greens (always darker tones).

But of course, you can always pair your palette with pops of lighter colors such as beige, sand or even white. Using darker colors might result in a decor that’s too dark. Instead, aim for a warm, well-lit and cozy setting to create a comfortable space.

2. Choose the best materials for the job

Wood has to have a big role in your decor. Take a cue from current trends and try keeping wooden details as natural as possible. The eyes and grain patterns will make each piece unique. Tree trunks are popular accessories and can give you a lot of decor options. You can also use them to add a natural, rustic touch to your wedding decor.

While light woods are beautiful, darker varieties are perfect for autumn weddings. They add an air of elegance and warmth to the ambiance. Look for wooden tables, benches or chairs and cover them with a soft cover, but leave them partially exposed.

Other materials that could work in this decor are aged metal (for a tent or general furniture structure) or glass (for accessories or tableware).

3. Mind the details

autumn wedding detail

You should never skimp on the details for any big event. The small details really embellish the overall decor. For example. details could be: dried leaves in a glass vase, small string lights stuffed in a glass jar, a little bouquet of flowers tied to the chairs or pews, candles

You can also create centerpieces or table runners with fruit (such as berries), dried leaves or flowers… Additionally, you can create name cards for your guests. Dried leaves or a wedding ring design are popular ideas for cute name cards.

Don’t forget that the small details make all the difference. And of course, you can use details outside of your actual wedding venue as well. In other words, you can decorate the hallway or entrance of your reception hall. For example, you can make wooden signs that indicate where the reception is or giant letters using the bridge and groom’s initials with a festive garland.

4. Look for seasonal flowers

autumn wedding seasonal flowers

Lastly, keep in mind that autumn flowers aren’t as plentiful as the usual varieties that bloom in spring or summer. But some great examples of autumn flowers are sunflowers, dahlias, hydrangeas or chrysanthemums.

Alongside berries, seasonal fruits or dried leaves, these flowers create a perfect decor. You can use them for table centerpieces, scattering them across the tabletops or decorating name cards.

Remember that you can use them to create whichever decor style you like; rustic, boho chic and shabby chic are very popular for weddings. But you can also create any other decor style you please.

Before we end our post, we want to remind you that you can always use professionals that can offer and find the best possibilities for your wedding.