7 Essential Elements for a Small Terrace

You don’t have to have a big terrace to enjoy the good weather and relaxing moments. Read on to discover essential elements for a small terrace!
7 Essential Elements for a Small Terrace

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Having a small terrace doesn’t mean that this can’t be your place for relaxation. If you add a series of decorative elements you can make this place welcoming.

Below, we share a series of essential elements that can help you personalize and enjoy your terrace during the best months of the year.

1. Hanging flowerpots

Hanging flowerpots.

If you love plants, flowers, and gardening you have to incorporate these elements into your terrace. Having a small terrace isn’t a problem nowadays because, instead of placing the pots on the floor, you can hang them.

Plants are one of the essential elements for a small terrace because they don’t take up space which you can use for something else. Also, this idea allows you to enjoy your own nature corner.

Flowerpots are a good option for people who suffer from back pain, as they can put them on a comfortable level.

2. Folding table and chairs

A folding table and chairs.

Enjoying lunch or dinner on the terrace of your home is one of the best feelings. However, sometimes the size may prevent you from having a fixed space to place a table and chairs.

But you can still enjoy the space, even if it’s limited, by using folding tables and chairs that you can store somewhere else once you finish.

To add a touch of decoration to your home, place special cushions on the chairs, to give them a different and colorful touch.

3. Rugs, one of the essential elements

A rug on a terrace.

A perfect item for a small terrace, if you can’t include another type of decorative element or furniture, is rugs.

In addition to protecting the floor of your terrace, which is important, they’ll add a touch of decoration to your space.

Protecting the floors isn’t the only thing rugs are useful for. In addition to a rug, you can add a cushion to create a space for relaxation. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as listening to music or reading during the hottest months of the year.

4. Benches in strategic places

A bench on a terrace.

Including a bench on a small terrace may seem impossible. However, you can place them in areas you don’t use, so avoiding taking up space that you can use for something else.

5. Stools and other types of tables for small terraces

Stools and cushions.

If you decide to place a bench on your terrace, make sure it’s not too large. This will help the aesthetic and visual effect.

You could also use a stool as a table. Vintage ones look really good on terraces. If you have a vintage stool you could paint it to match the rest of the terrace and use it as a table.

If you prefer to buy a traditional table, we recommend opting for one that’s as low and as small as possible to leave as much free space as you can.

6. Drawers under the furniture

Drawers under benches.

The benches we talked about above have many advantages for a small terrace. One of them is the option of placing drawers under them.

Depending on the size of these drawers, you can store pillows, blankets, or other items that you sometimes use on the terrace inside them. Likewise, you can even use them to store objects that you don’t have space for inside your home.

7. Portable grill for a small terrace

A portable grill.

Having a small terrace doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a barbecue with friends or family. Nowadays, a portable grill is the best choice for this type of space.

This way, you can use it whenever you want and store it after so it doesn’t take up space.