5 Ways to Use Old Car Tires in Backyard Decor

Old car tire backyard decor kill two birds with one stone: they're a recycling project and you can use them to decorate with what you have on hand. On top of that, they're great for crafts!
5 Ways to Use Old Car Tires in Backyard Decor

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Repurposing is a great way to help the environment and save money on home decor. In our post today, we want to share some cool, simple and fun ideas for repurposing old car tires for backyard decor.

The best car tire decor ideas

Changed your car tires and have the old ones sitting around just taking up space in the garage? Well, you can use them to create something new and decorative. But how? Check out our car tire backyard decor ideas below. You’ll love them!

1. Flowerpots everywhere

old car tires flowerpots

Our first idea is converting old tires into flowerpots. You can take the project in any direction. Create yours to suit the space you have, your interests and craftiness.

For example, hanging flowerpots. All you have to do is hammer one (or two) strong nails into a wall and hang the tire. Fill the bottom half of the tire with soil and plant your favorite flowers. Hanging plants, like pothos, will look especially beautiful in the tire.

You can also stack three old car tires on top of each other and paint them in different colors. Fill the center with soil and plant whatever you want. This idea works perfectly for vegetables! Varieties that need to develop underground (such as carrots or potatoes) will be at home here.

Or, another cool idea is building a tire pyramid. But how exactly can you do that? Set four tires as the base then stack three on top. Next, set up two on the third row and one more on top. Fill all of the holes with soil and plant your favorite flowers. This pyramid is a perfect solution to separating spaces in your backyard!

2. Tire swing

old car tires tire swing

If you have a big, sturdy tree in your backyard, how about setting up a tire swing? Both kids and adults will adore it. To set it up, you need a strong rope or chain to hang the tire securely. We recommend painting the tire an eye-popping color to liven up your backyard.

3. Small table

old car tires

How does sitting down outside and reading a book or relaxing after a long day at work sound? If it sounds good to you, then you’ll need a place to put your things like your phone, a cup or a plate… Use a car tire!

Grab one tire and set it up on top of a wooden or aluminum leg frame. You can even stack another tire on top. After, place a board on top to cover the hole and you’re done.

And you can decorate your table! Paint it or wrap it in string or ribbons, etc. Match it with the rest of your backyard decor!

4. Decorative animals

old car tires animals

Car tire decor doesn’t have to be functional, it can simply decorate. Let your imagination run wild and use two tires to make an animal. For example, try making a turtle. Use one entire tire for its shell.

Use another tire to make its legs by cutting it into four equal parts. You’ll still need something for its head and tail, so use similar material. Tie it all together by filling its shell with soil and planting flowering. You can also add accessories like a little straw hat. Don’t forget to give it eyes and a smile!

5. Decorative well

old car tires well

People used wells back in the day to collect and store water. Using a pulley system, they lowered a bucket into the well and pulled it back out full of water. People no longer use wells today but they’ve left them in place as decoration.

If you think a well will look nice in your backyard, make one with car tires. Stack three tires on top of each other. Next, set up two sticks at the top (one across from the other) and a little roof. You can make the roof with plastic bottle halves. Paint your well however you want, for example, you can try to imitate bricks. And if you want, fill the center of the well with plants or leave it empty to store rainwater.

Old car tires are a great option for backyard decor. They’ll be the most original flowerpots in your entire neighborhood.