4 Examples of Spectacular Restaurant Decor in Madrid

Have you ever thought about restaurant decor? If you haven't this is a good place to start. We'll show you some spectacular examples from Madrid.
4 Examples of Spectacular Restaurant Decor in Madrid

Last update: 11 April, 2022

Generally, our tips and advice surround decorating homes. But, interior design doesn’t stop there. Because of this, we want to use this article to talk about hospitality, or more specifically, restaurant decor. Today we’re going to tell you about some of the spectacular restaurant decors that you can find in Madrid.

When you go out to eat, food isn’t the only thing that’s important. The environment you choose to eat in needs to be a place where you feel comfortable. It should have a relaxing, calm, and fresh ambiance.

So, it’s also important for the owners to maintain the way these places appear. This way the clientele will find it more to their liking, they’ll spend more time there, and regularly return. Appearance is important. This can differentiate your restaurant from dozens of other places that offer the same kind of food.

As an example, we’ve decided to pick four restaurants that use different decor styles. Some of these styles are really attention-grabbing. Obviously, there are many more restaurants, but here are our decor favorites in Madrid.

1. Cherry Pecas

Our first example of stunning restaurant decor is a fast food restaurant found close to the Ciudad Universitaria. It specializes in Mexican food and has been open since 2015.

And, it has warm, welcoming, and attention-grabbing decor. There’s a giant skull painted on one of the walls. Below it there’s a bed of flowers (daisies) and the other wall is green and adorned with vegetable themes.

Cherry Pecas/unbuendiaenmadrid.com

The tables are made with plywood and form small pieces of recycled wood that have been pressed together to take this shape.

Seating is in the form of simple benches with roller wheels on the legs. There are also yellow or metallic colored chairs and stools. It reminds us of the industrial style.

The lighting also stands out. There are several kinds of hanging lamps and some only use a light bulb. Finally, the roof is made up of tiles stamped with vegetable and geometric prints.

2. Ultramarinos Quintín: restaurant decor

Located in the Salamanca district, one of its owners is also the owner of Ten con Ten and El Paraguas.

In this case, the decor was inspired by age-old grocery shops. Inside the restaurant, there are baskets with fruit, cheese, and bread. These aren’t just decorations. They’re really for sale.

Ultramarinos Quintín/madridalacarta.com

The walls are made of a brick facade and this gives them an original touch. They perfectly combine with the furniture and fabrics used to decorate the space. Just like the use of hidden lights.

There are large windows. In some areas, they’ve made use of the space below the window to make comfortable seating. There’s also some wicker seating that gives it a warm, natural touch.

3. Habanera

This restaurant is located in the Plaza de Colón. For the decor, the owners have chosen a colonial style.

All of this space focuses on an eight-meter high patio, in the Cuban colonial style. On the patio, they recreate Cuban facades, using a perforated metal mesh.

Either way, the owners have successfully blended the interior with the patio. How? By using a lot of plants, both potted and hanging. They’re everywhere and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the tropical style.


The key points from this tell us that we shouldn’t forget the importance of lighting. In this case, they decided to use hanging lights to create a warm, welcoming environment.

Also, the seats on the patio look like hammocks with colorful plant prints. The floors are also very pretty. They’re made with tiles that have simple, balanced, and good-looking patterns.

4. La Sabina

This is found within the Alcobendas and Aravaca districts. The owners have opted for a Mediterranean style that’s reminiscent of the decor in the Balearic Islands or Greek Isles.

This is a space that’s been divided into several open levels (using steps) under large arches. The walls are painted a white color. This gives a feeling of spaciousness and light.

The roof is made out of wood with solid wooden beams. This material is also found in the floor.

La Sabina/larrumba.com

There are also lamps that hang from the ceiling. As for the furniture, it’s made out of wood, but the backs of the chairs are made with braided natural fibers.

Moreover, they decided to use light blue-colored tableware. Together with the white, they help create a simple, light, and calming environment.

Finally, we want to tell you about the terrace. They’ve created a beautiful and relaxing area with comfortable chairs.

Restaurant decor in Madrid

As you can see, food isn’t the only thing that’s important for convincing people to come back. These examples are only a small sample of the decor that you can see and enjoy in Madrid’s restaurants. Some of these have long waiting lists, so make sure you plan your visit in advance.