3 Ideas for Outdoor Umbrella Holders

Umbrella holders aren't just functional and practical things to have, they can also be decorative. We'll show you some ideas for outdoor umbrella holders. 
3 Ideas for Outdoor Umbrella Holders

Last update: 22 January, 2019

When we live in apartments, we sometimes have no other choice but to put the umbrella stand inside, usually in the entryway. However, if you live in a chalet or a house in the countryside, you have the option of putting it outside, either on the porch or on the stairs into the house. This will also help give you more space in the entryway.

When you put umbrella holders outside, however, they’ll easily be attacked by agents like rain, humidity, and high or low temperatures. So, you have to choose an umbrella holder that’s made of materials that can withstand humidity, temperature changes, and even corrosion. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t use materials made with natural fibers, like wicker or wood. If, however, you decide to use these materials, you should keep in mind that you’ll have to change them every so often.

So, we recommend materials like metal or plastics. Although in the long run, they’ll also lose their qualities, they’re more durable than natural fibers. Here are some ideas for outdoor umbrella holders that you might like.

Plastic umbrella holders

Generally, they’re all very simple, discreet and practical; they don’t have much decoration. They usually have a rectangular or cylindrical shape. Also, they’re very cheap and you can find them for about 5 euros. The most common ones are those that are shaped like paper mills, similar to the ones you see in bars or shops.

Another example is the SKRAJ umbrella holders that you can find in IKEA stores. They’re made of polypropylene plastic. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, all you need to clean it is a dry cloth. There are two types, one transparent and one red, and they cost about ten euros. If you’re looking for an umbrella holder that’s elegant, but not too flashy, this is the perfect one for you.

Metal umbrella holders

Another example, that’s also available at IKEA, is the ANTENNER umbrella holder. It’s made of steel and has a pigmented epoxy powder coating. This design is available in black; it has a cylindrical shape with a metal net and a handle at the top.

You can finish it off with a FIXA self-adhesive floor protector. This will protect the surface you put it on from wear and friction. As for its cleaning, all you’ll need is a moist cloth, a mild detergent, and a cloth to dry it. It measures 65 cm and costs 14.99 euros.

As for other umbrella holder designs, there’s also many with more decorative motifs. Normally, these motifs are made by cutting silhouettes into the metal. Some of these silhouettes are shaped like butterflies, drops of water, leaves or an umbrella (which usually takes up an entire side of the holder).

umbrella holders

Finally, we want to highlight those made with wrought iron. They have simple designs but are usually quite elegant. They look great with houses that have a rustic style. 

DIY outdoor umbrella holder trend

Another option to keep in mind is that you can make your own umbrella holder at home; so, if you like the DIY trend, this will be great for you. To do this, you can reuse old containers (like dairy containers). It’ll look great with a country house.

You’ll probably have to treat them in a certain way so they’ll hold well. You can give it a layer of primer and then a coat of paint. After that, to make sure the layer of paint holds up well, you should also give it a layer of varnish.

Another option is to use a PVC pipe. Just apply heat to expand it a little and then put a lid on one of its ends.

Then, you can make it more practical by making holes to use for handles. After, apply a little paint and put a protective rubber case around the upper part as a reinforcement. These options are quite simple and won’t take much time.

As you can see, you just have to be careful to choose a material that’s resistant to external natural agents. That way, you can ensure that your umbrella holder isn’t just practical, but also decorative and original.