Decor Trends For Spring 2021

Spring is here! This is the perfect time to bring your home closer to nature with the new trends in decoration.
Decor Trends For Spring 2021

Last update: 29 April, 2021

The decor trends of spring for this year are ecru, wood, and of course, plants. We’re entering the best time of the year to redecorate or renovate our homes since this is a time associated with transformation, energy, and joy. Spring promotes the desire to experience nature.

In these unsettled times, we’ve all revalued the importance of life, and our interior decoration echoes this need. We’re going to share with you how to make your house vibrate in tune with spring this year.

Wicker basket for bedroom.

How do you achieve perfect harmony between decoration and nature? Spring’s decor trend ideas include natural fibers such as wood, bamboo, jute, rattan, and wicker.

For some time now, wooden furniture has been a trend in interior decoration, and the union in the same room with the rest of the furniture gives houses a much more natural and cozy air. Now you can experience the atmosphere of the forest from your armchair.

How do you achieve this without spending a fortune? Add rugs, baskets, pillows, and even wall mirrors made of natural materials.

These generally come in a light brown color that makes them easy to combine with other pieces. They give a touch of warmth that rooms need for this time of year and they’re fashionable!

Color palette

Within the decor trends of spring, colors have a special place. Whenever you decide to decorate, the color palette is one of the first things to consider. During this time of year, soft or pastel colors are classic.

This spring the stars are neutral and bright colors since the objective is to get closer to nature. Although if you opt for more vivid tones, you should choose those associated with nature such as greens, which are reminiscent of forests and mountains, or blue tones that transport you to the sea.

Textiles are important in winter, but that doesn’t mean you should completely discard them in the spring. You just have to change them for lighter and cooler fabrics.

The bedroom requires you to change the bedding according to the warmer temperatures. However, you can also change the pillows in the living room and the tablecloth in the dining room. The ideal to accompany the new season is that you opt for resistant materials that transmit a sense of freshness such as linen and cotton.

Plants and flowers

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Plants are essential within the decor trends of this spring. Spending so much time at home has left us with a need to be more in contact with nature.

Nothing feels more natural than a home full of plants on tables, in an empty corner, on the hall furniture, or windowsills.

Let’s not forget about seasonal flowers like tulips. It’s always a good option to put together flowers to decorate the kitchen or living room. This is a simple and effective way to add perfume and color to your environment.

Light and clear spaces

In the decor trends of spring simplicity reigns. Keeping things to a minimum will be the key this year.

The idea is to create open spaces not divided by walls, therefore transmitting a feeling of fluidity and movement. This will achieve a unified look for the tones and materials.

Another important element within the decor trends of spring is light. This time of year also gives more hours of light. Open spaces with fewer elements will create more natural light.

This year, the decor trends of spring connect with nature in all its splendor from the authenticity of rustic materials to the delicacy in accessories such as flowers and textiles.