Spring Table Decorations

Spring is always synonymous with color and joy, and so a brand new spring table decoration is one of the best ideas to celebrate the arrival of good weather.
Spring Table Decorations

Last update: 28 January, 2021

With the arrival of spring, everything is robed in color and joy. Because of that, our tables, both inside and outside the house – in our garden or on the terrace – should be decorated following the season. For this reason, and to make your table look beautiful this spring, we’re going to give you a few tips for spring table decorations. They really will delight your dinner guests!

Amazing spring table decorations

1. Flower centerpieces for the table

A spring table.

Centerpieces are the most natural way to display a springtime decoration on your table. With this element, you’ll get the naturalness and color of spring without having to use more spring tablecloths. At the same time, you won’t be overloading your table with clashing colors.

Therefore, we recommend that you give prominence to the floral centerpiece and that the other elements, such as the tablecloth or tableware, are plain and simple.

The variety of flower centerpieces available means that there are many different decoration options. You can choose to use a larger one and place it in the center of the table using glass bottles. Alternatively, you could use several smaller vases or bottles and distribute them along the table in small transparent vases.

If you choose to use a large centerpiece, then you should take into account the height of the centerpiece so that diners sitting opposite each other can see each other easily.

2. Color combination in spring table decorations

Table flowers.

Spring, as we’ve said before, is synonymous with color, and so another option for a spring decoration for your dining table is to combine the colors of the flowers you use with those of the tablecloth, the dishes, or even the napkins.

This combination is ideal for pastel colors, both in the flowers and the table decoration elements.

3. The tableware

Glassware on a table.

A floral print dinner service is a great choice for a spring table decoration. You can also use this tableware at any other time of the year. So, as well as it being a decorative element, it will also be a good investment for the future.

4. Other types of spring table decoration elements

Colored glasses.
Colored glassware / innovias.wordpress.com

Although spring is synonymous with flowers, there are also other types of elements you can use in spring decoration, such as colorful polka dots.

These are always synonymous with color and joy in any product that contains them, and they’re ideal for use in table glasses.

Another alternative for glasses is to use colored glasses to brighten up the table. However, it’s certainly true that you should choose your colors well.

This is especially advisable when serving wine, as wine doesn’t look good in colored glasses. You can use the colored glasses for water, and serve the wine in transparent glassware.

5. Bouquets using napkins

Floral napkins.

One of the most original ideas for a great spring table decoration is to use small bouquets and to tie them with thread to the napkins.

Due to the allergies that many people suffer from, we advise you to use flowers that aren’t natural, and that you can also use again on future occasions or as small decorative elements.

6. Initials with floral details

Napkins with initials.
Initials napkin / stylelovely.com

If you like the DIY world and you want to make this spring table decoration even more personal, then here’s an idea that will delight your guests when you invite them for dinner.

Using cork or fabric, you can create the initials of each of the guests and decorate them with floral-printed card, or any other material that has this type of print.

Besides the fact that it’s such a fantastic idea to put them in each of the lunch or dinner settings, your guests will be delighted to see such a thoughtful personalized detail.