Holiday Hangover - Couch, Blanket, and Relax

Do you have a bad holiday hangover? Give yourself a good dose of cozy home comfort and warmth to cure it. How does that sound?
Holiday Hangover - Couch, Blanket, and Relax

Last update: 06 December, 2019

After days of family and friend reunions, huge meals and all-nighters, all that excess can get the better of you and leave you with a holiday hangover.

What your body needs now is peace and rest. And what’s better than spending time at home on the couch with a snug blanket and your favorite TV shows?

The keys for a living room detox


holiday hangover couch

Your couch plays a key part in your holiday hangover cure. A couch is a place where you can spend an afternoon at home in the warm. It has to be comfortable and wide in addition to making you feel like you’re relaxed.

You don’t have to change it but you can up the comfort factor. But how?

If the upholstery on your couch is worn or getting old, just add a couch cover. You can find nice designs and wash it however many times you want.

Throws are winter basics. In addition to keeping you warm as you watch movies, they can also add to your home decor.

Choose colors and designs that fit with the surrounding decor. You can fold them and leave them right on your couch or in a natural fiber basket on the side. They’ll add a little warmth to your room.


holiday hangover rug

Rugs are one of the warmest and most comfortable elements in a home, especially during winter.

This year, two extreme opposites are hot trends. First, are long-haired rugs in light colors. Next, are Kilim rugs with their colorful designs and shorter hair.

We recommend fixing an anti-slip rug tape underneath your rug to keep it from moving and causing accidents.

Pillows and cushions

holiday hangover cushions

A comfy couch needs its accompanying pillows. While you don’t have to fill your couch entirely with them, make sure to add different sizes, colors, and textures. Mixing and matching designs and colors is a popular idea. Or, if you’re more conservative, go for solid colors with subtle border details.


holiday hangover lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in home decor that many people forget about. It plays a crucial role in creating settings that are full of warmth and relaxing vibes.

If you’re going to detox from the holidays at home, try using gentle, warm lights and avoid cold, direct lights. So, if you have a voltage regulator, now’s your chance to use it.

You can also use desk lamps or even candles to give an extra sense of intimacy. But make sure to take the necessary precautions with candles.

Soothing colors

holiday hangover colors

You probably already know a thing or two about color psychology. It’s time to use colors that help you relax and ease into reflection.

You can add pops of color to pillows or throws – try greens, blues or violets. If you have a cold, minimalist-style living room, try adding in warm colors like red, orange, mustard yellow and earthy colors.

In addition, if you want to use the trendiest color these days, add a living coral accessory. The color will bring your home decor up to speed on top of filling it with optimism and good vibes.

Relaxing scents

holiday hangover scent

To tie up the holiday hangover cure, you have to be able to breathe comfortabley as well. An essential-oil-based air freshener is the perfect aromatherapy.

We recommend lavender– which has relaxing properties–eucalyptus– ideal for purifying and perfect for colds– or vanilla– which will take you into a calm state.

Now you have everything you need to enjoy a completely free day without any trace of excess. Use it to give your body the rest it needs in order to start the new year on the right note.