7 Tricks for Making your Living Room Look Bigger

There are different tricks and techniques you can use to make your living room look bigger. Certain pieces of furniture, certain colours and the way objects are arranged can contribute greatly to giving your room a bigger look.
7 Tricks for Making your Living Room Look Bigger

Last update: 02 November, 2018

Nowadays, one of the challenges faced by many city-dwellers is that of what seem to be increasingly smaller houses. Rather than worrying about this take advantage of these tricks to make your living room look bigger. It’ll be an incredibly effective optical illusion!

How can you make your living room look bigger?

We’re not all lucky enough to own an enormous house with multiple spaces and rooms. Many of us have to make do with a small flat where we manage to fit in a couple of pieces of basic furniture. But there is no need to despair. Here are certain tricks that can make your living room seem bigger.

1. Use light colors

Whereas dark colors can make a space seem smaller, using light colors, such as white, ivory or beige, is the first technique that can make your space seem bigger and more open.


Don’t hesitate to paint the walls and ceiling in as light a colour as possible and enjoy a room that seems much bigger. 

The same applies to furniture, accessories, and furnishings. It is always better to opt for a modern or minimalist style with lightly colored furniture that gives an impression of openness and light.

Arrange the living room with style

2. Don’t forget about lighting

It’s true that the windows in many houses are not large enough to allow sunlight to fill the space. However, this can still be achieved. If you have already painted your walls with light colors and used light colored furniture, all you need to do is to use lamps and lighting that emit a cool white light in your living room.

3. Place sofas against walls

Another way to make your living room look bigger is to make the most of your space. In other words, avoid placing your sofa in the middle of the room! Not only will it get in the way of people passing through, but it will also make the room feel smaller. 

4. Mirrors are your best friend

Mirrors create an optical illusion that is used in many shops and other establishments, such as restaurants. If strategically placed, a mirror can double the size of a room. It can also create a greater sense of openness than any other kind of accessory.


A mirror can make the living room feel bigger, without even adding an inch to its size!

Lighter colors can add to a cozy living room

5. Opt for shelves

Instead of using giant pieces of furniture to store your belongings we suggest using shelves. But, be careful. Walls that are stacked with books, belongings, pictures or CDs can make a room feel smaller. This is not the look we’re going for.

Open shelves don’t restrict your space as long as you are still able to see the wall behind. A trick is not to fill them to the brim.


It’s also a good idea to hang the TV from a wall to avoid the need for another piece of furniture that only has one use. If we then place the sofa against the opposite wall, this will leave space free in the center of the room. Remember to buy a model that fits the dimensions of your room.

6. Opt for glass tables

Whether you need a dining table or a coffee table, opting for a glass table is an extremely clever trick to make your living room look bigger. They allow you to see “through to the other side” and have a lighter look than other materials, such as wood.

7. Use fewer pieces of furniture

It might be difficult to part with certain pieces of furniture that you’ve become fond of. Or those that have been handed down through your family. However, the key to making an area seem bigger is to actually leave free space! This also applies to furnishings and accessories.

Have a good clean. Get rid of anything that  you don’t need. You could sell it, donate it, lend it or give it to someone. There are always people who could use something that you don’t need.