6 Ideas to Decorate the Back of Your Couch

In this interesting article, we bring you beautiful ideas to decorate the back of your couch. You’ll see that anything is possible!
6 Ideas to Decorate the Back of Your Couch

Last update: 10 February, 2021

If you have enough space in your living room, you may not have your couch against the wall, and you may not really know what to do with it. Believe it or not, there are many decorative options for the back of your couch. They’ll help you make your sofa the star of the show!

We’ll share some practical, easy, and stylish ideas. Remember that no spot or corner is ugly, you simply have to learn how to make the most of it! Keep reading! We’re sure these ideas will help you completely change the look and feel of your home.

How to decorate the back of your couch



If your couch isn’t against the wall due to the room layout or because you simply like how it looks this way, you may be wondering what to do with the back of it.

There are many options to make the most of this space. Some options are decorative, while ot


hers are more practical.

To make the right decision, you simply have to be clear about your needs. You may wish to create a work area or are desperate for more storage space. You can install some shelves, treat yourself and buy a beautiful table or create an extra area to keep your things handy.

You’ll see that having a floating couch in your living room opens up a world of possibilities that will allow you to create a very personal environment. A bonus is that this will make your living room look more stylish as well. Get ready for your couch to take center stage in your living room!

A well-used back of the couch

A great idea is to place a piece of furniture with shelves that doubles as a bookcase. You should get a custom-made one. This way, you’ll definitely get the measurements right. The surface can be a makeshift table you can decorate as you like. For example, you can use flowers, magazines, and a nice notebook.

Work from home

For houses with few walls, use your couch to divide your living room into several spaces. Putting a desk at the back of your couch is the perfect way to make a custom office. This is ideal for these teleworking times.

A great sofa, a great idea

lisboa chaise lounge

If you have an “L” shaped couch, one of the sides will be detached from the wall. You can take advantage of this with a deco decorative detail. Consider placing a side table with character, like this one from La Redoute with retro lines, and enjoy the result!


Add comfort

Another great idea, especially if you entertain guests at home, is to add a chaise lounge to the back of your couch. You can lie down on it to read a book or have chats between couches. In fact, it’s also the perfect place to take a good nap.

A useful and decorative back of the couch

Another piece of furniture that you can choose for the back of your sofa is a sideboard. This is perfect for storing table linens, dishes, and any other element you need to organize your living room and dining room. Opt for one with drawers to keep everything in order.

A charming trunk

If you want to go for something that doesn’t take up too much space but attracts attention, you should definitely consider a trunk. The best thing about it is that it has storage inside, meaning it allows you to kill two birds with one stone. How about this one from Maisons du Monde? It’s perfect for bohemian and rustic spaces with a cozy touch.

A simple and practical option

If you don’t want to complicate things, consider placing a small coffee table. Make sure it goes well with the rest of the materials and opt for decorations that will beautify your living room. We’re sure it’ll look great!

The back of your couch is a very useful space that you should decorate well and take advantage of. It’s an extra space for work, storage, or pure and simple decoration.

Move your furniture around, think about your needs, and give it that personal touch you like so much. This is the perfect way to create beautiful and practical spaces!