Kitchen Stains: How to Remove Stains From the Floor

To keep the kitchen floor clean, you have to choose the best products and make a habit of keeping your kitchen clean.
Kitchen Stains: How to Remove Stains From the Floor

Last update: 04 May, 2019

Maybe your kitchen ends up with stains every time you cook. Sometimes this is impossible to avoid. Therefore, it’s important to have ways to clean ready so you can remove dirt and clean up kitchen stains.

When you’re cooking, it’s hard not to make a mess. What happens when something ends up on the floor?  Someone ends up stepping on it and grinding it into the floor.

If you don’t clean up after using the kitchen, whatever falls on the floor will dry and stick to the floor or countertop. Then it’ll be much hard to clean up later.

The difficulty of removing kitchen stains

Kitchen stains can difficult to clean up.

Why is it so complicated to remove kitchen stains from the floor? First, what ends up on the floor is often accompanied by other debris, since we often carry dirt and other things from the street into our kitchens on our shoes.

Then, when the stain dries and gets stuck to the floor, it can be very difficult to remove it. However, today there are some good cleaning products to remove any type of stain.

Kitchen floors are usually tiled. People tend to avoid wood because it can be difficult to clean and absorbs the dirt. On the other hand, you can usually clean tiles effectively.

Cleaning products that remove stains

We could list an endless number of cleaning products. However, we’re just going to mention a few that are currently on the market and give the best result.

  • Bleach: This is an obvious choice and gives great results. Not only does it quickly remove stains, but it also disinfects and leaves no residue on the surface. In addition, it combats any odors and leaves your kitchen smelling clean.
  • Ammonia: This not only cleans but also effectively removes stains, especially from grease. The biggest drawback is the strong smell it gives off. It’s not a good idea to spend too much time inhaling this product.
  • Black soap with linseed oil: This product is ecological and is suitable for any type of tile or stone, even if they are enameled. It cleans, polishes, and leaves a good aroma.
  • Vinegar: Although this is typically used for wood, it can also be used on tiles. It disinfects and removes stains. However, it does have a very strong odor. Therefore, you’ll also need an air freshener.

There has been a lot of talk about multipurpose cleaners that work for all types of surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. There are good and bad options. However, it’s better to be sure and buy a good product specifically for floors.

There are various products to combat kitchen stains.

What to use to remove kitchen stains

Once you decide what product to use, you have to start cleaning. How you do this will depend a lot on the type of stain and whether it is really embedded or stuck. Therefore, you can use the following cleaning tools:

  • Mop: This is the main tool for cleaning the floor. You might have to mop the stain several times and use some force. Normally, you can get rid of the stain with the help of a cleaning product.
  • Rag: We recommend using a rag only for countertops because it requires more physical effort. It might help to clean up one stain, but to clean your whole floor, a mop is better because it takes less effort and you can use it standing up.

The most effective, fastest way to clean is generally to use a mop with bleach. This combination works perfectly and will leave your kitchen floor clean and gleaming.

-Maintain good cleaning habits-

Cleaning kitchen stains can be tackled with a mop and bleach.

Daily cleaning

If you clean a little every day and after you cook, you’ll avoid bigger messes that take longer to clear up. It’s essential that everyone who lives in your house makes an effort and picks up anything they drop while cooking.

Although it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with some kitchen stains. However, if you clean up after you cook and mop regularly, you’ll keep your kitchen tiles clean and bright.

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