Discover the Best Grill Plate Brands

If you want to make high-quality recipes, it’s a good idea to invest in top grill plate brands. Read on to discover some options!
Discover the Best Grill Plate Brands

Last update: 23 December, 2020

Using high-quality appliances can improve the quality of the food you make. It’s important to resort to those that guarantee good results. In this article, you’ll discover the best grill plate brands.

You can find many different types of grill plates on the market. Some are simpler, while others are more sophisticated. Others are big, while others are smaller and can only be used to cook small pieces of food. As the possibilities are endless, you should know a little more about the brands on the market.

Generally, people associate grill plates with restaurants and hotels or with country houses with enough space for a big grill. However, you can buy one for your own home to use whenever you want, for whatever you want to grill.

The Jata Excellence GR3000 Grill Plate

The Jata Excellence GR3000.

The Jata Excellence GR3000 is one of the most revolutionary grill plates. For this reason, it’s a bit more expensive than other options on the market. However, it’s of good quality, which is why you should consider having it as part of your kitchen equipment.

It comes with four temperature options: 167°F, 250°F, 320°F, and 446°F. Therefore, you can regulate and control the cooking process functionally and simply to get the desired results.

It has a non-stick coating and is also scratch-resistant. The material is tough and strong. However, since it isn’t heavy, it’s very easy to move around. Also, it’s easy to clean and has a system that collects fat and sauces from food.

For all these reasons, this is one of the most popular grill plate brands!

Princess 103110 Table Chef Premium XL – for everyday use

The Princess Table Chef Premium XL 103110

For everyday use, you need a grill plate that’s strong and durable. The problem with cheap grill plate brands is that they aren’t suitable for continuous use. In fact, they deteriorate easily. Here are some of the main features of the Princess 103110 Table Chef Premium XL:

  • Made of die-cast aluminum. Considered a resistant grill plate that’s very easy to use.
  • The grill plate never goes out of shape. It doubles as an extra-large cooking surface in your kitchen. Therefore, you can cut vegetables or meat on it.
  • It’s light and easy to move. In fact, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, as it’s small and looks good too. It can easily blend in with the rest of the appliances.
  • Heats up quickly and evenly. Therefore, you can even use the corners without running the risk of under-cooking your food. Keep in mind that most of the other grill plate brands don’t have this amazing feature.
  • Like the previous options, it’s also non-stick (made of Teflon). This is beneficial in many ways, as the food doesn’t stick and you won’t have to scrape it off and risk damaging the surface.
  • Also, you can cook all kinds of meat and vegetables without burning them. Another great thing is that you don’t need to use any oil or butter when cooking.

Severin RG 2676 Raclette Grill – another amazing grill plate

The Severin RG 2676 Raclette Grill.

The Severin RG 2676 Raclette Grill is another amazing grill plate. When you cook, you want to make good food but also want the process to be as easy as possible, like if you were using an induction cooktop.

This is an appliance that, like the rest, is non-stick, easy to clean, and made of stainless steel. It was made to be durable. Also, you can adjust the thermostat and it also has a container to collect oil, fat, or sauces.

However, its most distinctive feature is the three non-stick pans it contains underneath. Traditionally, these are used to melt raclette cheese that’s eaten over boiled potatoes that are served with meat. However, you can also use them to heat sauces, cook eggs, or make whatever else comes to mind.

Why you should invest ina  good grill plate brand

Simply because they’re a guarantee of quality. Buying the best brands is synonymous with good results, durability, comfort, and, above all, you’ll get your money back if the appliance malfunctions.

Sometimes, people focus more on not spending too much money instead of thinking about the quality of the product. However, it should be the other way around. Remember that you should always go for top brand appliances.

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