6 Kinds of Water Dispenser for Your Home

Do you know about all the kinds of water dispenser on the market? Read this article to learn about them!
6 Kinds of Water Dispenser for Your Home

Last update: 08 March, 2019

It wasn’t so long ago that you’d only see a water dispenser in a business or public building. But they’ve become very common in a lot of houses, a vital part of many families’ daily lives. This is because they’re practical, simple, and have a lot of variety, which means they can fit in any home.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the main water dispensers on the market and the differences between the various models. 

Water dispenser differences


Most water dispensers have two different faucets. There are some that only have a single faucet for one temperature, but they generally have a blue one for cold water and a red one for hot water. You should choose the kind that works best for your household.

Water dispenser with three knobs

Hot water

Some dispensers have an electrical system that allows them to heat up water. This is super practical, especially if you like to make tea. All you have to do is use the red faucet and voilà, you’ve got a mug of hot water! It’s wonderful not to have to wait for your water to heat up in the microwave.

Cold or room-temperature water

The cold water faucet is usually blue or white. The most basic, cheapest water dispensers you can find probably just pour out room-temperature water. In other words, they’re just a water receptacle. But most dispensers should come with the ability to cool the water, and it will taste like you had a glass of water waiting in the fridge.

Choosing one or the other really depends on your family and what you need/want.  Drinking your water cold or at room temperature isn’t better or worse, it’s just a question of habit.

Cooling method

This is probably the least likely thing for you to think about when you’re buying a water dispenser. But the cooling method is important because it plays a role in the water temperature, the cooling capacity, and how much noise it makes. 

No method is better than any other, it’s mostly an issue of what you want and need.

Filling up a glass with a water dispenser


If you want your water super cold, even right after you’ve just added it to the dispenser, you should choose a mechanical cooling system. Just remember that they can be a bit loud while the water is heating up and the motor gets going to cool it down again.


These don’t cool the water as quickly, or to as low a temperature, but they make much less noise. That makes them a great at-home option.


Lastly, you’ll want to factor in the size of your water dispenser. Businesses have big ones because a lot of people use them, and it would be impractical to have to add water constantly. Luckily, there are also much smaller water dispensers made for the home, which will work better for a family.


These are the most common. If you have the space and you have a relatively big family, this is the option for you. You can put it in the kitchen or living room and have cold or hot water whenever you want. They used to take up a lot more space but there are much smaller, nicer looking dispensers on the market now.

floor water dispenser


These are perfect for couples and small families. They’re also much more practical if you have a small kitchen because they don’t take up much space. You can put it on top of the counter and it still works the same as a floor dispenser. The only big downside to these is that they hold less water, so you’ll have to do more upkeep.

There’s a water dispenser for every family. Pick out the one that fits yours best, and enjoy cold, hot, or room-temperature water whenever you like, every day of the year.