Printed Concrete, a Different Way to Beautify the Home

The time has come to give a special touch to the house; For this, we are going to use resources such as printed concrete, useful and recurring to decorate the interior and exterior spaces.
Printed Concrete, a Different Way to Beautify the Home

Last update: 17 May, 2021

The decorative techniques involved as infrastructures are a good aesthetic contribution. They improve the internal image and enrich the space. For this reason, we are going to look at what printed concrete consists of, a different way to beautify the home.

If we assess the most interesting contents in the home, we not only have to refer to furniture, there are also other resources that, in one way or another, become a perfect framework for us to work on interesting and attractive ideas.

Harmony must be the fundamental criterion that reigns in houses. This approach is a basic principle. When we are going to choose a specific design, our claims are mainly focused on achieving the sense of a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Why use stamped concrete at home?

Repair of biological concrete.

Stamped concrete is a component that has a lot to say. It becomes a subtle and elegant alternative as well as being informal and offers an aesthetic meaning different from what is generally used.

Concrete can be used both on walls and on floors. It’s perfect for ceilings too. In other words, you have different possibilities.

It displays a stone or ceramic-like image, so it may have a palpable roughness and texture.

Concrete enriches the structure of the home.

Main characteristics of stamped concrete

When it comes to pointing out which are the most important characteristics, it is essential to say that concrete is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Its presence can be in various formats, as there are designs of all kinds. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Broadly speaking, it consists of the application of bas-reliefs on a surface. When the concrete is fresh, a neoprene mold is applied, thus determining a particular design. The objective is to simulate the materials that are normally used in paving.
  • One of the most used, both for paths in the garden and for floors and walls, is the representation of irregular stones. With them, a sensation of a consistent and firm wall framework projects, with a great realistic character.
  • For the floors, there are square molds that produce a checkerboard system, as if they were stoneware or clay slabs. It is very useful for bathrooms, storage rooms, porches, terraces, or pool edges. The question is to look at different formats and choose the most suitable one.
  • Another case is the typical rectangular format pavers. They usually have a regular placement in rows, alternating with each other. In this sense, this is a type of floor that is, today, one of the most recurrent in decoration.

Resistance and firmness

Concrete terrace.

This type of structure guarantees us resistance to the passage of time. It does not matter if it is present outdoors, it can perfectly withstand the weather: rain, ice, snow, etc.

Concrete is a solid and compact material that, throughout the 20th century, has been the main resource to achieve a firm and durable infrastructure.

Also, it supports any type of weight very well, hence it is also good for the entrance to the garage or on surfaces where work is going to be carried out.

With this material, we can obtain multiple benefits.

A chromatic contribution to the interiors

If we have to highlight another of its qualities it’s color. Not only is it presented in its original tonality (dark gray), it can also be worked with other shades with which to achieve a more realistic appearance: toasted, garnet, ocher, etc.

Among those that are achieving greater recognition aesthetically are the wood-like floors. At the end of the day, they are still very basic formats that attract attention more for their color than for their shape. However, by combining both you can create a very interesting image.

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