How to Renovate Your Home Without Major Works

Wanting to renovate your home without major works is perfectly understandable. You can do this in a very simple way and we'll tell you how!
How to Renovate Your Home Without Major Works

Last update: 14 September, 2021

One of the reasons why we avoid renovating our homes is because of the disruption involved. However, in this article, we’re going to tell you how to renovate your home without major works or effort.

There are some significant changes that you can make that’ll transform your home completely, without having to demolish walls or generate building waste. Among them, are color changes and adding decorative elements to meet your objectives. Keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know!

How to renovate your home without major works?

You may consider it complex to renovate your home without major works, because renovations usually include demolishing walls, raising floors, or installing new windows, but this isn’t always necessary. Today, we’ll tell you how you can do this in a simple way…just as we know you’ll like.

So take note, choose the adaptations that best suit your needs and expectations and renovate your home without major works. Encourage your family and friends to help you give it a decorative twist. Here we go!

Change the colors of walls and ceilings

The first detail to learn how to renovate your home without major works lies in changing the colors, both on your walls and ceilings. This is a simple and very common variation, especially during seasonal changes, and it does make our homes look completely different.

Even through color, you can generate sensations of cool or warmth–very useful during winter or summer. Of course, it’s important that you don’t forget your ceiling too. Contrast colors and give yourself the luxury of choosing between an extreme change or a more subtle one.

Renovate your home without major works: add a rug

In most homes, you open the main door and immediately find the living room–an important space where special moments are shared with family or friends. Placing a rug in an otherwise empty space by your main entrance will give this space a very different touch.

There are different types of rugs, such as round ones that give dynamism and, if you have a living room attached to the dining room, it’ll be very useful to separate the spaces. Also, choose between single-tone rugs or a patterned design to identify a significant change. This is how it’ll be possible to renovate your home without major works.

This rug trick can also be replicated in your bedroom or study.

Renew your doors and windows

Window design for home.

Doors and windows are usually elements that add a lot to home decoration, but they’re not always at the center of a renovation. However, when we look for ideas on how to renovate our homes without major works, these should be top of the list, because so much can be achieved.

Clean them and choose a new color for the frames. You can also choose different handles or knobs to make them look new.

Now, it’s true that this isn’t about generating debris or investing a lot of money in the renovation. But it’s always an option to change your doors and install some that are made of a different material, such as glass. Especially if you want to have a more open feel to your spaces.

Pay attention to difficult corners or areas

The structure of some difficult corners or areas can cause us to lose interest in them. Even so, given the desire to renovate without major works, it’s necessary to see them with different eyes.

Identify the decorative potential they have and redecorate them. Among the options, there are custom shelves or auxiliary tables that can be used for a coffee station, a few plants, a corner for souvenirs, or family photographs.

Renovate your home without major works by changing the focal points of your spaces

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It’s common in spaces such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom to have a wall that creates a focal point. Usually, that wall has a different color, decorative feature, or a series of pictures or textures. The last piece of advice on how to renovate your home without major works has to do with a change in this regard.

Choose a different wall to decorate and draw attention to it. In the same way, change the arrangement of the furniture so that the renovation is radical and there’s harmony in all your decorative aspects.

How about these ideas on how to renovate your home without major works?

Here you have five ideas on how to renovate your home without major works. They’re simple, inexpensive, and very fun to implement–especially as a family. Go ahead and give a new direction to the decor of your home!