Aerothermy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Aerothermal energy is one of the most current and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems available. Although its initial installation cost is high, you can enjoy some great long-term benefits.
Aerothermy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: 29 May, 2021

If you’re looking to implement an air conditioning system at home that’s modern and environmentally friendly, aerothermy is a great option. In the event that you’re looking to buy or move to a new home, ask if it has this technology.

Below, we’ll tell you what aerothermy is, how it works and the advantages that you’ll enjoy. As well as the disadvantages to consider. We anticipate that this system solves the need to air-condition any space, not just homes. Let’s learn more!

What is aerothermy?

Learn how aerothermal works.

Aerothermal is a technology that generates a heating and cooling system by harnessing energy from the air. It came to market about a decade ago. In addition to being used as an air conditioning system, it can also produce domestic hot water.

Aerothermal systems are air-to-air or air-to-water type heat pumps. These are similar to conventional heat pumps, but are more efficient and are considered renewable energy. Contrary to the conventional ones, the hot water they supply is suitable for consumption.

How does aerothermy work?

The operation of aerothermal energy consists of taking advantage of the thermal energy that’s in the air. This transfers to the interior of the house to provide heating, cooling, and hot water. That is, there’s an exchange of heat from the system and the air that’s in our environment. This is a given, thanks to the aerothermal heat pump, known as an outdoor unit.

This unit absorbs and recovers the energy that’s in the air, transfers heat to it and, at the same time, evaporates the refrigerant gas it contains. This is how that energy is converted into the heat that we enjoy through heating. It’s noteworthy that aerothermal energy is also used in underfloor heating systems and in pool heating.


It has a positive environmental impact.

Now that you’re a little more clear about what aerothermal is and how it works, and you understand why it’s so efficient and environmentally friendly, it’s time for you to know its advantages in order to choose.

Among them, we find that, by obtaining most of the energy it uses from the air, there’s a significant electricity saving. More when compared to gas heating systems. This makes it an excellent option when it comes to energy efficiency and performance.

It acts as air conditioning and heating, so you can use it in winter and summer without a problem. In addition, maintenance costs are low and the indoor unit has a low sound level. It doesn’t pollute or produce CO2 emissions, and its installation is usually quick and easy.


its biggest disadvantage is the initial cost of installation.

Now, let’s consider the aspects that may be a disadvantage for you, such as the high cost of the initial investment. And the possibility of needing to increase the power of your electricity, depending on the installation space and area.

Although, as we mentioned, it can be used during winter. But for areas that are too cold, the system may not provide the expected heat, and its performance may be lower. However, other systems could be incorporated so that they can work optimally, especially in spaces where the temperature, in some seasons, is below zero degrees Celsius.

Something else to consider and that can be a disadvantage, depending on the exterior space of your home, is the location of the outdoor unit. In addition to the occupied space, also consider your personal impact in terms of design. In this sense, it’s necessary that you validate this with the manufacturer you have chosen. Don’t forget, the size of your home could also affect the performance of the system.

Aerothermy is an environmentally friendly technology

Now you know what aerothermal energy is and how it works, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, you’ll be able to decide with confidence if it’s the air conditioning or heating option you’re looking for.

Any doubts that arise about its operation should be discussed with the system provider, as variations may occur from one brand to another. The important point is that if you decide on this technology, you’ll have a modern and environmentally friendly alternative. These are two factors worth considering.

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