5 Types of Globe Lamps

These types of lamps break the dynamics of the typical and traditional lighting found in homes. Globe lamps are spherical shapes that offer another decor alternative.
5 Types of Globe Lamps

Last update: 05 July, 2021

Home decoration can also apply to ceilings. For this reason, we’re going to learn about five types of globe lamps that can give an original touch to your interiors and produce an attractive visual effect.

Lighting is a fundamental component, but it shouldn’t be worked only from the point of view of light. It’s also necessary to consider other factors such as the way the light projects and how it filters.

There’s no better feeling than having a perfectly combined interior, where all elements are related to each other and are coordinated in such a way that they favor the aesthetics of the whole. Undoubtedly, they’re basic principles to achieve an interesting design.

5 types of globe lamps

1. The polyethylene ball

One of the materials that’s making its way into the world of lamps is polyethylene. It resists heat and the passage of time very well. Also, the level of opacity is relative; that is, it transfers light in a pleasant way.

The format is quite hermetic: there’s a hole through which to insert the bulb and the body, but it doesn’t have any other openings. In this way, it consolidates as a well-defined ball that favors dynamics with a light and simple appearance.

Regarding color, they’re usually white, but they’re also found in other shades. Putting in a warm colored bulb produces a very interesting aesthetic effect. It appears as if it were a large ball of light that radiates its splendor throughout the room.

2. Set of multicolored glass globe lamps

One of the most unique cases is a set of glass globe lamps. This is a material that, generally, isn’t common and produces different sensations with respect to other types of lampshades. Let’s see some features:

  • They’re made up of groups of three or four globes that are supported by the body. They can be completely closed or with a small opening at the bottom.
  • One of the most outstanding qualities is chromaticity. Each one has a different color and thus produces a truly enchanting visual effect that adorns the interior with subtlety and mastery.
  • They aren’t excessively large in size; in fact, they look great in corners as they occupy a secondary place in the room. Usually they’re hung from the ceiling and are at head height.

3. Globe lamps: rice paper shades

5 types of globe lamps

One of the most common examples are lamps with a rice paper shade. They’re cheap and can be found in many stores. They come in different colors and are very common in oriental culture.

The idea is that they provide a cozy and peaceful environment. The light transmits diffusely, and spreads in a friendly and relaxed manner. Actually, it’s a great way to achieve a certain calm and fullness in the space.

They require special care, since the paper is delicate, to such an extent that we shouldn’t use them in a humid environment.

4. Double headed wall lamp

If we’re looking for an alternative to the traditional ceiling light, we have the opportunity to choose a totally original design: double-headed wall lamps. These are made up of two glass or polyethylene globes to produce greater luminosity.

The location is also considered a novelty, being located on the wall instead of the ceiling. However, the size is small, therefore more units are required if they’re to be placed, for example, in large rooms or in corridors.

5. Brass table lamp

Not all globe-type lamps will be tall, there are also those designed for the bedside table or to replace the flex light. A particular case is the table lamps made with brass.

They’re made up of a small balloon that’s adhered to brass, a resistant and durable material. In addition, one of the advantages is to use the opaline glass that doesn’t disturb the eye and filters the light in a pleasant and placid way.

In short, any of the options that we’ve seen can be successful for home decoration. Depending on the visual effect you want to achieve.

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