Wooden Stairs: Choose the Best Ones for your Home

Wooden stairs will bring beauty and warmth into your home. Find the best shape for your home.
Wooden Stairs: Choose the Best Ones for your Home

Last update: 22 February, 2019

Stairs connect the different levels, both outdoor and indoor, in a home. If you’re thinking about installing a staircase in your home, we’d like to show you different types of wooden stairs to help you choose the best look and fit for your home.

Aside from connecting spaces, stairs also decorate a home and create a cozier setting. Before choosing a set of stairs, you’ll need to think about structure and layout.

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Before you decide on your staircase…

  • Think about your home’s decor style. For example, a rustic, minimalist, eclectic or modern style. Your staircase and its material should match with the rest of your home.
  • Choose the right spot to save space. The impact a staircase will have on a big home won’t be the same the impact it has on a small one. Make sure to think over all of the possible places and choose the best spot for your stairs.
  • Determine which and how many levels your staircase will connect together. After, you can decide if you’ll need extensions with landings or just s small, straight staircase.
  • The most important aspect for choosing wooden stairs: Do your research on which wood you want, which is the most resistant, which is the easiest to maintain and which is the most beautiful for your home.

Types of wooden stairs

Once you’ve looked over all of those factors, choose a wooden staircase that best suits your preferences and needs.

There are all kinds of styles and shapes that can embellish your home. You can find long stairs and short ones. You might find straight stairs with 1, 2, 3 or more sections with landings, L-staircases, spirals, floating stairs and plenty more.

If you’re thinking about designing your own staircase, here are some interesting ideas to look over.

Fixed and straight stairs

Fixed, straight stairs are the most widely used for homes. Their entire structure can be wood or even a combination of wood and other materials. You can opt for a single-sectioned staircase to connect two floors. It also makes a great option if you don’t have the space for a more dynamic staircase.

If you have more than two floors, 2 or 3-sectioned staircases are options with landings that can lead to different spaces.

Fixed stairs with storage area

Another interesting option are fixed stairs with a completely wooden structure that can feature a storage space in its lower area. You can install large closets or shelves, making the most of your space as possible. These stairs are very practical for small houses or apartments.

wooden stairs 2

Single-piece spiral stairs

Spiral stairs create a lot of movement in a house or apartment. You can find wooden spiral stairs or models that are made of a single piece of wood. The staircase is a large piece of wood with steps; it’s a complete structure that’ll create movement and personality.

Additionally, it’s an option that can bring more space and warmth to your home because its lower area isn’t bulky. Single-piece spiral stairs are trendy and you can find all sorts of interesting designs for your home.

Floating wooden stairs

Floating stairs don’t use a base structure. The steps, instead, are fixed onto a wall, as their name suggests, float.

Choose the step sizes carefully, as well as the type and width of the wood. Look for a resistant wood and add a strong railing to your stairs.

Use wood together with other materials

Another beautiful idea that we’re seeing in new construction projects is using different materials for staircases.

Using wood, an overall warm material, with a cold one like iron can pump personality into your settings. You could play around with wood colors for your different steps and use a big iron railing. It’ll look absolutely stunning in your home.

As you’ve read with us today, there is a wide variety of wooden staircases to choose from. On top of the choices available, remember that wood is a noble, resistant and warm material.

Using wood in your home will create a friendly and beautiful setting. Try to clean and maintain it properly. With the right treatment, you could enjoy your beautiful wooden staircase for years on end.

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