Why You Have to Watch The Home Edit - the Netflix Series That Will Teach You to Love Organizing

The Home Edit is the method celebrities use to keep their houses organized and beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a house like this?
Why You Have to Watch The Home Edit - the Netflix Series That Will Teach You to Love Organizing

Last update: 09 January, 2021

The Home Edit wants you to learn to love organizing by showing you gorgeous ideas focused on harmony and color. With four and a half million followers on Instagram already, it’s now made the leap to the screen with Netflix.

This show will inspire you to craft organized, beautiful and practical spaces. This could be the perfect plan for those rainy afternoons. Are you in?

The Home Edit comes to the screen

There are simple ways to organize your wardrobe.

We told you about Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin in our article on Instagram accounts to help you master Decor. Remember? In case you don’t, we’ll leave the link here for you to recap. Their philosophy is inspired by color theory and their motto is “organization through decoration”. So you can imagine the beautiful interiors you’ll find in their famous social network feed.

Based on the fact that inspiration helps your life flow better, the search for beauty becomes a fundamental goal. Immersing yourself in organized spaces that make you feel good is therefore the key to achieving a greater degree of well-being.

So after the success of their book The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals, Joanna and Clea have set out to turn the traditional methods of organization on their head. In other words they want the houses of all their followers to shine in every way possible. The Netflix series consists of eight easy to watch and inspirational episodes.

What’s new? Although there are others who have already done something similar on this streaming platform, like Marie Kondo, these girls blend interior design with organization, giving special importance to visual aesthetics. They promise you that if you follow their advice, you won’t have to organize again for a long time, because their functional guidelines will maintain themselves in the long term.

What to expect when watching The Home Edit

Each of the eight episodes is divided into two parts – the first advises a famous person, and the second does the same with a “regular” person. You’ll see how the show mixes decoration with practicality and functionality and does so with a humor that makes the presenters endearing (you’ll understand why they have so many fans).

As in their book, they demonstrate their ideas step by step and give a lot of tips about organizing the different areas of your house: closets and wardrobes, garages, bathrooms, etc. They blend organization with some basic decoration rules and combine this with a labeling system for unbeatable, long-lasting results.

The advantage of the television format is that you can see how Clea and Joanna organize their celebrity guests’ houses, which makes it irresistible. Their VIP clients include Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, who get as excited as little kids as they follow the instructions.

Blending organization and aesthetics

Shearer and Teplin’s organizational process consists of three steps, which they call examination, organization and maintenance. The examination step consists of:

  • Emptying the entire space to be organized.
  • Sorting into groups.
  • Minimizing your belongings by getting rid of what you no longer use or like.
  • Finally, you should measure the space to see what storage solutions you need. However, this should always take into account the rest of the design, and use the same colors and labels.

The organization phase is a matter of finding the most aesthetic way to put your things in order. This can be by color, which is one of their favorite strategies. This is the key phase of the project during which the spaces, functionality, and theory are all analyzed.

Finally, we learn about maintenance: the guarantee that everything will remain as organized as it is now. “Everything we ask you to do is for a reason, and not just to keep your closet, cupboard or refrigerator Instagram-worthy,” they say. They urge you to never neglect your inspiration, by visiting their feed or similar ones daily.

To sum up, The Home Edit promises to transform your home, making it prettier, neater and more practical. And on the way you can make it look like the house of one of their celeb guests.

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