What Will Our Homes be Like After the Coronavirus?

Gradually, life will return to normal, but it's now time to consider how the decor of our homes will change after the Coronavirus pandemic.
What Will Our Homes be Like After the Coronavirus?

Last update: 29 March, 2022

The pandemic is going to change many things surrounding our lives and the way we live. Not only in the ways we relate to one another but the way we consume goods and how we decorate our homes. As a result, we want to reflect on what our homes will be like after the coronavirus pandemic and consider the practical solutions to maintain hygiene and make our spaces safe and comfortable.

Many interior designers are already beginning to give advice on home transformations. This involves the hygiene measures that homes must undergo to adapt to a virus that’s easily transmitted. As a result, we’re going to give you the keys to make those changes and adapt to the new reality. 

Homes after the Coronavirus: hallways are the protagonists

Hallways After the Coronavirus

If there’s a room in our homes that’s going to go from being a place of transit to a space that guarantees a warm welcome, it’s the hall. As the main entrance into our homes, this area must have sanitation measures in place to maintain health and prevent the spread of the virus.

In previous articles, we’ve already talked about the importance of not wearing shoes indoors and this behavior has become even more important. Placing a shoe rack in your hallway will encourage all occupants and visitors to leave their shoes at the entrance.

Also, you can consider the possibility of having comfortable slippers to offer your guests. After they’ve finished using them, you can wash them and have them ready for the next guest. This is a similar practice across hotels.

Another piece of advice given by health experts is that neither coats nor bags should enter the home. So a coat rack will be of vital importance and you can even add a storage basket or boxes for additional items such as keys and wallets.

Likewise, the guest toilet will play an important role when people visit your home. You must offer sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant spray. To make it a cozy and welcoming place, you can also use fragrances and some floral details.

Our priorities have now changed

Outdoor reading corner

If we think about what homes will be like after the Coronavirus, we should consider which spaces need to be promoted and which are expendable.

It’s said that people looking for homes with outdoor spaces such as terraces or patios have increased. The lucky ones who have these options should take advantage and spend a few hours creating the perfect outdoor space.

Similarly, experts predict that we’ll all need to create spaces for teleworking. When the pandemic passes, it may be time to decorate that forgotten corner with a suitable desk and an ergonomic chair.

Another of the things that will mark how homes will be affected after the Coronavirus are spaces to exercise. The demand for equipment to be able to practice sports at home has increased considerably.

Equally, the true importance of the nerve center of the home has really come into play. Since we’re going out to restaurants less and cooking more, the kitchen has become even more invaluable. Many people are now preparing delicious and innovative new recipes at home and as such, you have to think about updating your cooking utensils, organizing your pantry, and leaving more items at hand.

Houses after the coronavirus: cleaning

General house cleaning. Houses after the coronavirus

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to update your cleaning regime and make cleaning a habit.  Things that you used to clean once a week should now be a part of your daily routine. These include doorknobs and light switches. You must focus on preventing the virus from entering your home and disinfecting it accordingly.

In conclusion, after this pandemic, homes will not be the same. Both at a decorative and hygiene level, implement the long-term changes that’ll help you to have a better quality of life.

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