What Were the Floor and Wall Trends in 2019?

Floors and walls are part of the style of a house, and that's why we'll be taking a look at the trends for 2019 so you can compare them to 2020's.
What Were the Floor and Wall Trends in 2019?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, then before starting you should take several aspects into account to ensure that everything will be to your liking when you finish. We’ll take a look back at 2019’s floor and wall trends as it had some great inspiration for your house.

Although at first glance it may not seem like it, the material and color of your floors and walls, as well as other characteristics, will give your house a different look. They’ll have a great influence on the style of your home.

If you like following the latest styles and keeping up with trends, then maybe you’ll remember some of the floor and wall trends of 2019.

The floor is one of the parts of our houses that we don’t often renovate due to the cost and the work involved in doing it. So, you must be very sure of the decision you take about the floor that you want. Think carefully about the shapes and material because you’ll probably never do another project like this one again.

Porcelain floors with wide tiles

Porcelain bathroom.

Porcelain floors can be used for any part of the house, and one of the great characteristics that this type of floor has is its insulation capacity.

In 2019, the trends in floors and walls were for bigger tiles. This was true of both the floor and the walls, as it’s also possible to use porcelain on bathroom walls with the same large size tiles.

The return to classics with parquet

Parquet floor.

Parquet has been a type of floor used in many houses for decades, if not centuries. Wood always provides a rustic atmosphere and gives warmth to the area where you have it.

In the trends of 2019, this type of floor was implemented with geometric shapes or in the form of a herringbone, instead of the straight planks that we’ve always known. There are some potential complications with this type of floor, as it can be easily scratched or lose its shape. As well as that, it can deteriorate if exposed to moisture.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floor.

Vinyl floors were one of the most popular flooring trends in 2019 due to the many benefits they provide. They’re ideal for bathrooms because of their great insulation against humidity. People are also installing it in other areas of the house because it’s easy to clean and  provides thermal insulation.

Just as the floor is an important thing to take into account when it comes to reforming and giving your house style, the walls are even more important because they are more visible.

Using wallpaper


Wallpaper was a popular trend in 2019. You can use it in whatever part of the house you like, and you can vary its colors or shapes if you like bold decoration.

You can combine the painted walls with papered walls, and use wallpaper for one or two walls instead of all four. There’s nothing wrong with wallpaper on all four walls though!

Two-color walls

Two color walls
Molding / servicolor.com

Another trend is the use of two colors on the same walls. You can divide the wall into two and use either paint or other materials. This type of wall is widely used in children’s rooms to create areas with bright color combinations.

Wooden walls for your bathrooms

Wooden bathroom.

In times gone by, wood used to be damaged by contact with, or exposure to, water. However, this is no longer a problem, meaning you can use it in bathrooms without a problem.

Advances in design and materials have led to the creation of different types of wood that are resistant to humidity. Wooden walls are becoming a trend, especially in home bathrooms, as they provide a very natural and warm cozy feeling for this room.