Victorian Decor Style Comeback

There's no question about it: this decor style is only for our most daring readers who are all about the details.
Victorian Decor Style Comeback

Last update: 03 September, 2019

In recent years the Victorian decor style has made a comeback in home decor. You can see it in pineapple-shaped accessories, side tables brimming with detail, the bold colors of Victorian art and in the wall decor of homes these days.

It’s becoming a hot trend thanks to popular shows that have a Downton Abbey feel to them. Nostalgia sits in all the small details.

The Victorian decor style in home decor includes a wide variety of Neo-Gothic, Baroque, classical and Elizabethan references. It’s opulence that’s full of ornate details.

Many decor styles– including contemporary, vintage and classical contemporary– work wonderfully with Victorian touches. Let’s take a look at how the Victorian decor style is finding its way back into homes.

The typical characteristics

victorian decor characteristics

We’re falling in love again with full-bodied, antique Victorian furniture. During the era, there was a furniture boom, making the pieces easy to obtain today in furniture and home decor stores. Antique shops and estate sales usually offer great deals on couches and chairs with beautiful wooden detail.

Victorian dressers or chests are also other pieces you’ll find at a great price. These kinds of furniture pieces will give your home plenty of personality.

Then you have the intricately decorated fireplaces, wall paneling, railings, tiles, stained glass, and baseboards as well. In modern Victorian decor, we use continue to use all of those elements but seek a balance to create a more subtle home decor.

Furthermore, modern Victorian decor uses antiques and artisan pieces in lieu of their mass-produced counterparts.

What really nails a Victorian decor

No Victorian setting would be complete without a couple of exotic splurges. Many decorative objects and motifs of the era featured a Victorian-style pineapple, which became a status symbol as only the wealthy could afford them.

As a result of the pineapple ragemany decorative accessories revolved around the fruit and it continues to be popular even today.

Victorian decor pineapple

Integrating a Victorian decor style in your home

The decor style’s defining characteristic is the mixture of various historical eras. Furniture designers often looked to the past for inspiration, and it was especially the case in the Victorian era.

People seemed to be crazy about Ancient Egyptian motifs and designs. They also loved Empire-style furniture that was based on Ancient Greece and Rome. In addition, they had plenty of exquisite pieces such as monopodium tables, Klismo chairs and other with designs that featured lyres and caryatides.

The Victorian decor style also drew inspiration from the Rococo and Renaissance periods. The result was incredible furniture pieces made from walnut, mahogany, and rosewood; couches with cabriole feet and naturalistic forms of fruits, flowers, and leaves. In addition, sideboards often had a front shaped like a snake along with rounded corners as well.

Leaf and fruit garlands were precious details worked into drawers. Meanwhile, the feet on furniture were painstakingly carved as finishing details were immaculate. The Victorian era also saw plenty of marble counters, arches, and rosettes. Many pieces boasted beautiful woodwork, bronze mounts, and black or gold details.

Victorian colors

victorian decor colors

This decor style adores dark tones on both walls and upholstery. But the main stars are unquestionably fabrics with botanical designs. Victorian-inspired fabrics will settings with bronze, brown, dark red, pomegranate and green tones, which give a formal air to curtains, rugs, pillows, and throws.

And the decor style also uses plenty of gold. Gold is a color that especially embellishes these kinds of settings. However, you have to know how to use it correctly in order to keep the room from being overwhelming.

You can create a Victorian decor style in today’s modern world by upholstering your furniture with the right fabrics and creating the perfect pieces for your living room or bedroom. This decor style is perfect for all of our romantic, yet bold, readers.

Finishes have an important presence in this decor; you’ll see plenty of trims, borders, and fringes. Sure, the Victorian decor style is for our braver readers, but the results will be incredible. Here, “more is more”.