Using the Color Ivory on the Walls of Your Home

The color ivory conveys elegance, distinction, and harmony. In addition, it goes perfectly with other colors and brightens up the room.
Using the Color Ivory on the Walls of Your Home

Last update: 19 November, 2020

Interior design is the process by which you can achieve a personalized atmosphere and decor. Therefore, the color ivory is a good option for the walls of your home. Its aesthetic capacity offers multiple possibilities and it goes perfectly with other colors.

Your goal when decorating your house is comfort, tranquility, and harmony. It’s the best way to create a pleasant space that fits your needs.

Well-being must exist in your daily life. For this reason, the colors you choose must be taken into account. With them, an enveloping, sensitive, and peaceful effect is produced.

The main attributes of the color ivory

A stairway with pictures.

When describing the color ivory, you should keep in mind that it’s halfway between white and warm colors. Perhaps it distances itself more from the latter, but it’s defined by their union.

It offers a subtle and simple character. It doesn’t clash and it transmits serenity in any room. Also, it can be related to other shades subtly and harmoniously. In fact, it’s considered to relieve stress.

One of its virtues is the ability to transmit light. It enhances spaces where there are large windows since natural light is reinforced by this color so that the interior is enriched.

Ivory is the best way to produce a placid and calm environment.

Applying it indoors

A woman stretching on her bed.

As mentioned above, you can put the color ivory in any room. It doesn’t matter what function it has, since it can adapt to any situation and doesn’t influence its surroundings.

It’s very attractive and complements the decor. Let’s take a closer look at its layout according to some rooms:

  1. It enhances the elegance and sophistication of the living room. It goes very well with a white sofa and with wooden furniture, either light or dark.
  2. It’s calming in the bedroom, so it’ll help you sleep better. It contrasts sharply with darker furniture, such as a wooden bed with a striking quilt.
  3. As for the hallway and entrance, if you place paintings or works of art here the color ivory will frame them perfectly and won’t take away their prominence.
  4. What options do you have in the bathroom? You have to take into account that the toilets will generally be white. You can establish a harmonious relationship, but you should add a touch of color to the rest of the furniture.

Ivory colored walls and wooden floors

A modern living room with ivory colored walls.

If you paint your walls with this color, you have to take into account what kind of floor you have. If it’s very dark (black, blue, or gray), it can create a certain conflict. That’s to say, the colors aren’t harmonized.

What the color ivory really needs is a complimentary floor. For example, wood. Its warm appearance fits perfectly. In this way, the union of both colors establishes a general structure for the decor.

The feeling of warmth will be present at all times and it’ll enhance the lighting. It’s here where you have to influence and try to use this idea as an interior fundamental.

There’s no doubt that the color ivory is a good bet for your home.

What does it do for the kitchen?

Possibly, the kitchen is the worst location for this color. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it there.

Nowadays, there’s the option of using tiles in this color, in addition to connecting with the furniture that can also be ivory. However, it’s better if there’s a contrast with other items: the countertop, the appliances, the decoration, etc.


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