Using Psychedelic Decor In Your Home

Do you know anything about psychedelic decor? Break the rules and give your home originality through the use of vibrant colors, images, scents, and lights.
Using Psychedelic Decor In Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The use of extravagant colors and images can be an alternative to the traditional decor styles that most people usually decorate their homes in. For this reason, we want to talk about using psychedelic decor as a means of giving the place a unique vibe. This style is out of the ordinary and breaks the norm.

Generally, people decorate their rooms in neutral, white or uniform tones. They’re often conditioned by the schemes that have been established for years now. There are two reasons why this may happen. First, a lot of individuals don’t want to take a risk with their decor and have it look bad afterward. Second, they prefer a more traditional style and aren’t interested in introducing elements that are out of the ordinary into their rooms.

However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to open your mind and try to incorporate a look that catches the eye. Some decorative ideas have great visual impact and, as a result, make the whole place stand out. There’s nothing wrong with going bold!

Psychedelia as an artistic movement

Psychedelic chairs in a living room.

Psychedelia was popular in the 70s and 80s. This artistic movement is linked to the hippie world. For this reason, its main characteristic is the use of countless colors in patterns that can alter the senses. Believe it or not, this produces an impact on the human mind.

In the art world, people have associated this style with drug use. But one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. You can get inspiration from the artists who worked with this decorative trend and who have exerted a lot of influence on it.

It’s not necessary to fill a room with this style, only choose the colors and patterns you like.

– Colors and textures play a very important role in this decor style –

5 essential resources in the psychedelic style

Seven dreamcatchers above a bed.

When using psychedelic decor, you must keep two things in mind. First, the objective you want to achieve and, second, the resources that you can use to personalize the room. Let’s look at 5 basic principles that can be useful when using psychedelic decor.

  1. In a bedroom, you can hang fabric with tribal or geometric prints on the wall. A lot of the time, people use fabric that has images of the moon or the sun. It’s usually multi-colored, which gives the home an avant-garde character.
  2. Bedding can display this style. Both the quilt and the sheets themselves can be dyed in several different colors. This can have an original effect on the whole room.
  3. Dreamcatchers have become a fundamental element for bohemian decor. You can hang them on your wall or suspend them from the ceiling.
  4. Agate is a resource that helps enhance spaces and that, in turn, provides a certain elegance. It usually contains different colors that are gradual and connect.
  5. Posters are a good option if you want to decorate the walls of a room. A popular theme is the one associated with Africa and Asia: mandalas, elephants, Buddhism, and nature.

Psychedelic decor and the use of lights

A warm-colored-light-up garland.

Without a doubt, light plays a very important role in this style. Through it, you can create different environments in a single room. As a result, this will give the room personality and make it feel peaceful.

Garlands of warm-colored lights can make any area feel calm. They’re associated with a festive and relaxed sense that, when combined with the rest of the decoration, gives a completely psychedelic aesthetic effect.

Lighting can influence our mood. For this reason, candles are essential! Place them at strategic points such as on shelves or tables and, of course, avoid putting them close to fabric.

Aromas are also essential in psychedelic decor

Candles are a great element in psychedelic decor.

The atmosphere generated in the room through all this decoration must be complemented by clean, relaxing aromas. This will help you feel better and will give your house a bohemian character.

Incense is good for this as you can choose the aroma that you prefer. However, aromatic candles, special fragrances, or plants and flowers can work amazingly as well.

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