Types of Sofas: Styles and Where to Locate Them

Ready to give your living room a new look? Let's identify the types of sofas that'll best suit your space. We'll also explain the best place to locate them and discuss the different styles to suit your needs.
Types of Sofas: Styles and Where to Locate Them

Last update: 14 July, 2022

Sofas are the most visible pieces of furniture in the entire home. They’re the favored position for watching TV, the favorite place for a nap, for time with family, and for relaxing. The types of sofas and the choice of available styles are huge. So today, we’re going to help you choose the one that best meets your needs and suits your decor.

There’s no doubt that since this is such an important piece of furniture, it’s worth buying the best. Either way, whether you want to buy a new sofa or if you already have a sofa but you’re not sure where to locate it, keep reading!

Types of sofas

The market is flooded with many different types and styles of sofas. You can find classic, corner, modular, high-back, low-back, and L-shaped. You can choose between a sofa for two people, for the whole family, or a sofa bed.

Moreover, each type of sofa comes in all sizes, materials, and colors. As with other furniture, sofa styles are also trending. Below, we’ll tell you about some of them:

  • Color trends: the main trends in sofas are marked by their colors and materials. White and off-white, grays in light shades, earth colors, and different shades of green are colors that never go out of style. These are tones that stand out, above all, in classic Nordic or Scandinavian styles. This purchase is a safe bet to resist the passage of trends.
  • Trends by materials: linens with ribbed finishes, natural cotton, and velvet are part of the materials that are the most appreciated in sofa trends. The first two are used in homes with a lot of lighting and with minimalist or, again, Nordic styles. Velvet offers elegance and, together with leather, they’re trending materials for those looking to bring glamour to their homes.

Trendy and timeless designs

However, it’s not only the trendy sofas that are the most sought after. Many pieces of furniture made with durable, recycled, or refinished materials have become a favorite for people who want to be environmentally friendly without losing the style of their home.

These pieces of furniture have been classified as timeless since they fit any season and last over time. They’re sometimes classified as vintage sofas, retro sofas, or ecological sofas, depending on their style.

Learn about the characteristics of timeless sofas, they are always a trend.
Learn about the types of timeless sofas.

A sofa for each space

Although today we can find versatile furniture that fits well in any space, there are certainly sofa shapes designed for specific places. Below, we’ll highlight a few:

Small sofas

Also known as single sofas or armchairs, they’re ideal for use with a coffee table. This style of sofa is used to create a resting or reading space.

Many armchairs also accompany large sofas in rooms with a lot of space because this is the ideal complement in terms of organization. Within the small sofas, you can also find divans, often used in bedrooms or restrooms. Armchairs and puffs also fall into this category.

Types of sofas: medium and large sofas

These are the most varied styles of sofas and are usually considered for larger spaces. They’re also suitable pieces of furniture for family groups and although there are many types, the following are our favorites:

  • Modular sofas: made up of several pieces, modular sofas can be rearranged at any time and can be adapted to any space. They’re not commonly found in bedrooms and are usually seen in living rooms. These can be converted into corner sofas or single-seat sofas in tight spaces.
  • Two-seater sofas: perfect for small rooms, to complement other smaller sofas. They’re popular in homes that are short on space. Alternatively, they can be used in large rooms to divide the space. It’s also possible to place a two-seater sofa in a large bathroom for a sense of luxury, although careful consideration must be given to the material.

Types of sofas: extra-large and sofa beds

  • Extra-large sofas: these types of sofas are used in rooms with a large amount of space and great lighting. They’re ideal for large families or for those who like comfort. These sofas can also be modular and as such, can be arranged as corner sofas. They’re ideal for rooms with large windows, loft-style apartments, or rooms that are attached to the kitchen.
  • Sofa beds: these can be two or three seats. They’re ideal for bedrooms with limited space, as their versatility will allow you to roll up the bed and have more space during the day without leaving the room empty. They’re also used in homes with guest rooms or by people who enjoy watching movies in the living room in comfort.

In this regard, keep in mind that sofa beds can be used as a conventional sofa as well as a bed. Conventional sofas aren’t designed for sleeping. As the Sleep Foundation warns, sleeping on a couch not designed for sleep can lead to back and neck pain and sleep disturbances.

Tips for locating a sofa

Apart from aesthetics, the most important thing is functionality. This feature will allow you to take advantage of both the sofa and the space where you’ve placed it. Here are some placement recommendations:

  • Avoid placing a lot of things around the sofa. Its color, shape and texture are enough to bring together the visual space. It doesn’t require much else to attract attention.
  • Adjust the sofa, table, and chairs around it in a traffic pattern. That is, creating space and lines where you can comfortably pass.
  • If the space is wide enough, consider leaving a gap between it and the wall. This will allow the room to “breathe”.
  • Although placing a sofa near a window is the ideal place, reconsider this position if it limits the amount of natural light, or disturbs the outside landscape.
  • In case you want to create two spaces in one room with different themes, or plan to design a space for conversation, a sofa located in the middle of the room can be an interesting option.
  • Don’t limit the use of L-shaped sofas to just the corners. Try different positions and you’ll see how easily they adapt to other locations.

The space you have will be the main determining factor, but above all, you must prioritize functionality. If the area where you’ve located your sofa prevents you from moving freely, reduces its use, makes it difficult to clean, or obscures other furniture in the room, consider locating it somewhere else.

Now that you know the different types of sofas, go ahead and renovate your living room.
Now that you know the different types of sofas, go ahead and renovate your living room.

Types of sofas and accessories to renew your room

When it comes to renewing your living room, sofas won’t be your only allies. To transform this space you can also use TV cabinets, coffee tables, plants, mirrors, and paintings. These items and other objects will take advantage of the aesthetics of your sofa, in addition to giving a different air to the room. Consider the following:

  • Incorporate different lighting scales. The best way to do this is through various light sources, such as lamps on the side tables or accent lighting inside shelving.
  • Purchase a rug that matches the other furniture and items in the room. Just make sure it’s the same size as the sofa.  
  • Paint the room in neutral colors, such as gray and/or sage.
  • Incorporate plants to add dimension and a more natural, green look. If you don’t want to deal with their care, artificial plants can have the same effect.
  • If you want to incorporate some art, always choose artwork based on your tastes. Small paintings and sculptures are welcome, although avoid cluttering the room.

In the process, we suggest you also focus on the ceiling. This is often the overlooked fifth wall of any room. You can paint it a different texture or add candle holders as a compliment.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to renew your living room to combine it with your sofa. A new space always feels good, so what are you waiting for?