Types of Metal Shelves

It's time to discover the different types of metal shelves. These help us maintain order indoors and are practical and easy to assemble.
Types of Metal Shelves

Last update: 04 July, 2023

When it comes to keeping order in our homes, we need resources that’ll guarantee organization and coherent distribution. So today, we’re going to analyze different types of metal shelves.

Whether you’ll use these in the office, in the kitchen, in the garage, or the bathroom, there’s no doubt that they’re practical and useful. Moreover, they easily fit into any corner and won’t hinder your decorative aesthetics.

The most important thing is that metal shelves help us on a day-to-day basis. They have a simple and functional design and contribute enormously to our interiors. Let’s get to know them better!

Fully metalized shelves

One of the formats of metal shelves is one hundred percent metallic, where all its parts, including the shelves, are made of metal. The vertical connecting bars have holes that allow you to adapt to the different heights as you see fit. In addition, they have plastic studs on the bases to prevent slipping.

They’re usually configured with four or five shelves if they’re intended for interior spaces, but there are also taller ones intended for warehouses or places with higher ceilings. The good thing about them is that their assembly is simple and doesn’t cause a headache as can happen with other types of shelving.

Fully metalized shelves are the ones that we commonly know and that are generally found in places of work and study. It’s worth using them if we don’t intend to work on our decor, since, visually, they’re characterized by their aesthetic poverty. That is, they have little to say.

However, we can give them some style. It’s possible to paint them to your liking and add a bit of color or, simply, use other elements, such as plants or photographs, to make them more interesting.

3 types of metal shelves

Metal shelves for corners

Following an approach similar to the previous one, we also have metal corner shelves. They keep similar parameters and we can observe some similarities. Equally, they have other noteworthy particularities:

  • Adapting to corners is its greatest quality. If you have walls with obtuse angles, then you can resort to this format. This system adapts to your space and it maintains all the practicalities of a shelf.
  • The dimensions are quite large. Generally, they’re intended for places where you want to order things. You must understand the basic functionality of this type of resource to maintain organization.
  • These shelves are probably the most basic in commercial spaces. They can also be used in high rooms and prevent you from wasting space. As such, they’re considered a useful component for storage.
  • The material is robust and resistant and doesn’t suffer over time. Of course, any type of impact or disproportionate weight must be avoided. They have stamina, but up to a rational limit.

Steel units with mesh shelves

Staying on the subject of metal shelves, special mention must be made to steel ones with a chrome finish. They offer a level of resistance superior to other materials. Undoubtedly, they’re a good contribution to your home and don’t carry the risk of corrosion.

One of the most interesting formats is those with mesh shelves. They generate a sensation of lightness and favor the dynamics of the whole. In addition, they enrich the interior aesthetics and help to modernize the environment.

They’re useful in places where functionality is required. For example, in the kitchen, where they can store baskets, kitchenware, and boxes. Equally, they’re also useful in the bathroom for storing towels and jars.

Of course, metal shelves are available in different sizes and are configured as a good decorative contribution. Even so, don’t forget that they can be adapted to all the places that you need them to adapt to. Either way, metal shelves are great for favoring order.

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