Try Using the Starfish Motif to Decorate Your Home

Why not bring a bit of the beach into your home?
Try Using the Starfish Motif to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 02 November, 2020

The starfish motif is a different theme that brings freshness and generates a feeling of summer, friendliness, and a relaxed feeling in the home.

Sometimes, we have the desire to innovate and incorporate resources that are interesting and attractive. That’s why we’re going to learn about the starfish as a decorative motif in the home.

The marine world offers you all kinds of possibilities: animals, plants, the beach, water, waves, scenarios, etc. All of these can be used in interior design to offer content that brings serenity, peace of mind and tranquility.

The contributions that this theme makes present different feelings and characteristics. It brings to mind vacations and disconnection. These are some of its qualities, but let’s look into this a little more.

The starfish in a picture frame

A starfish in a white frame to show a decor idea


One way of using a starfish is to frame it to hang on the wall. In fact, you can create this yourself, but you can also buy it in many interior design and souvenir shops, mostly near the beach, where these themes are more popular.

For this project, you should have several starfish, poster board, and a frame. The composition will depend on your taste and the items you’re using. This refers to the shapes as much as to the colors.

Glue the starfish to the poster board, which is going to serve as the background. It can be a refreshing color such as green, orange, blue, etc. After that, connect it to the frame and hang it on the wall.

                        This is a very subtle way to remind you of the marine world

3 ways to decorate with a starfish

an arrangement with a sea plant to illustrate starfish motif


The imagination and creativity of each person play a fundamental role. You can design your own decorations. It’s all a question of having ingenuity and the desire to decorate the house differently.

For this reason, the starfish is a very unique element that can be highlighted wherever it’s placed. Let’s learn about three interesting ways to decorate with it:

  1. A centerpiece combining it with stones and stars to remind you of the beach, the rocks, and the areas where you can find these animals. It can be put on the dining table as well as in the living room.
  2. It can be a sculpture. At an aesthetic level, it goes beyond being a simple marine animal into being a work of art. It’s useful to adorn bookcases, tables, shelves, etc. The idea is that it has a distinct meaning.
  3. Another option is hanging. The starfish goes very well when used in the surfer, bohemian, or hipster style. Using rope or cord you can have starfish hanging from the wall or the ceiling. Also, they can be incorporated into dream catchers.

Starfish motif – decorative vinyls and wallpaper

Photo of a framed starfish on the wall


When enhancing a child’s room, a bathroom or simply to cover a wall, you have the option to use decorative vinyls. For instance, there are different sizes and a variety of designs.

The theme can be an actual starfish, drawings, or a photograph.

As for wallpaper, it’s similar to vinyl decor. It tends to cover a much wider area so that you can create a mental optical effect.

            The idea is that you create a peaceful and relaxing effect.

Prints with a starfish motif

a stuffed and crocheted starfish motif


Finally, don’t forget printed fabrics – on sofa cushions, bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths, etc. The possibilities are endless and they help to transmit a cozy and summery ambiance indoors .

All of these resources are useful to decorate your home. In fact, any room can have a starfish motif and it’s especially appropriate for a beach house. Or if you want to remember the beach throughout the year, it also works well for a permanent home.





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