Top Tips for Choosing your Dining Room Table

Along with our dining room chairs, the dining room table is a fundamental element in our homes. We have to choose a great quality table that suits our tastes.
Top Tips for Choosing your Dining Room Table

Last update: 01 November, 2018

We all like to fill our homes with the furniture that suits our taste and our needs. That’s why, when it comes to choosing the items we use on a daily basis, like dining room tables, it’s important to choose the right one.

Often, we don’t understand the importance of our furniture or the central role it plays in our home interiors. Our dining room tables should work in harmony with our rooms, and not get in the way. 

Of course, the decorative style of our dining room tables should match the decorative style of the room and the house as a whole. Any disruption in the harmonic balance can produce a feeling of tension and uncertainty.

So, what is the best advice for choosing a dining room table? In this article, we’ll give you some guidelines to help you choose the right table.

Choosing your dining room table: the space

Firstly, you’ll have to think about where you’ll put your table. After all, the size of the table will depend on how wide or narrow your room is.

Once you know where you’re going to locate your table, take some rough measurements. It’s important to know the dimensions your table should have before you buy.

A square or rectangular table will match the shape of your dining room, while a circular table is more daring and dynamic, giving none of the diners more importance than the others.

Choosing your dining room table: the material

Obviously, your dining room table is something you’ll be using a lot. In fact, you’ll be using it practically every day, which can wear it out quickly. That’s why you need to choose a table made from a strong, durable material.

One of the most popular materials is hardwood. Its strength and durability mean that, even with everyday use, it won’t get worn out.

What’s more, these tables are often treated to prevent them from getting damaged over time.

The wooden dining room table is one of the most popular choices.

Wood is very easy to shape and carve. Any design can be adapted to suit the style of your home. As far as design is concerned, wood doesn’t usually create any real tension with the rest of the furniture.

We also want to highlight another material: glass. Its elegance makes these tables a classic, and a glass top works in perfect harmony with an iron or aluminum frame.

Glass can withstand heat for short spaces of time. However, its main downside is that it will not cope well with sudden changes in temperature, as this can cause the glass to shatter.

You’ll have to be very careful with these types of tables. It’s all too easy to scratch or mark the surface, so it’s important to use a tablecloth that will protect the glass.

There's no denying a glass dining room table will add a touch of elegance to your home.

In general, if you want to take care of your table, whatever material it might be made from, you’ll need to cover it with a tablecloth to protect it. You should take good care of it from day one so that it lasts as long as possible.

Choosing your dining room table: the color

The color plays a fundamental role in the look of the dining room table. You should choose a table whose design works harmoniously with the style of your home. You don’t want to cause tension and discord simply because you chose the wrong colored table.

The table usually takes pride of place in the living room. Normally, when a person walks into the room, they take a look around to check out the style and decor.

If the layout of the main pieces of furniture (the sofa, shelves or tables) isn’t right, or there is a clash of styles, the sense of harmony will be completely broken.

That’s why you need to make the right choice when it comes to the color. The dining room table also usually takes center stage in the room, so it needs to look great and match the rest of the furniture in the room.

Recently, black has been making a come-back in the world of furniture. In both decoration and fashion, the color black goes well with almost everything. It also creates a great dialogue with the materials that surround it.

When designed in black, the smooth, simple lines of the table mean it will perfectly match any style or design. You might say that black is not a bold color, but it is an extremely stylish one.

The table is the most important elements in your dining room.

If you use earth tones, they will generate a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. What’s more, it will create a great dialogue with the other elements in the room. These colors are easy to combine with others. Plus, because they are less conspicuous than other colors, so they won’t attract all the attention.

If you decide to choose a brighter or stronger color, like for example red, blue or orange, you’ll need to be careful not to generate tension with the rest of the decor.