Things to Throw Away by the End of the Year

The old year is about to end! As such, there are a number of things you should throw away before the new year begins. Keep your home clutter-free and encourage fresh energy and new opportunities.
Things to Throw Away by the End of the Year

Last update: 13 December, 2022

If you want to do a deep clean at home before the new year begins, start by identifying the things that you should throw away by the end of this year. Welcome the new year with a clutter-free home and remove the things that no longer work, provide any purpose, are worn out, and simply take up valuable space.

Continue reading in order to start a new year full of new opportunities, fresh energy, and areas for improvement. Let’s get started!

This year is almost over! Discover the things to throw away

Although it may be painful and uncomfortable to throw away certain things, it’s time to let go of the past. You’ll notice that this task is relaxing, rewarding, and satisfying. Especially if you’re throwing things away that no longer work or serve any purpose.

Additionally, you’ll be opening the door to having a cleaner, tidier, and more organized home. This is something that’s very important for promoting energy, and positive vibes and it’s usually done before the start of a new year.

Old clothing and accessories

One of the things that you should throw away before the end of the year is the clothes that you do not use or that are damaged. Free up space!
One category of things to throw away before the end of the year is clothing that you no longer wear. Free up space!

Start with your most personal items and check your cabinets and drawers. We’re certain that you’ll find many items of old clothing in there, from underwear to old t-shirts that are due for retirement.

Prepare two bags or boxes: one where you can place clothes that you can give away and another where you’ll place clothes that are worn, damaged, and old. Select the things in those two categories that you’ll let go of before starting a new year and that’s it.

One can go to a charity and the other to the garbage, in the recycling space provided for this type of waste. We know it’s not easy, but close your eyes and, in your own way, be grateful for all the moments lived. It’s time to open your heart to the new moments that’ll come.

Things to throw away: makeup, creams, and expired medications

Continuing with your most personal belongings, you should also consider discarding old makeup, toiletries, and beauty products. It happens to all of us! We all have several products that have expired or that we no longer use.

Before throwing these products away, it’s a good idea to scoop out the contents and wash the jars. Then, you can separate them into plastics, paper, and glass for recycling.

Now, when it comes to expired medicines return them to the special collection points at your local drugstore. If you packed them in a bag, please clearly mark them as expired medicine. This way, they’ll be no confusion or misunderstanding if someone else finds it.

Magazines, notebooks, and books that you no longer want

We all own magazine racks and bookcases. However, in these storage spaces, we tend to keep everything from magazines to books and old notebooks. When you no longer want these items, it’s time to say goodbye.

Carefully choose the items you no longer want, alongside outdated editions, and put them in a box. This may be a great treasure for others, so leave a marked box in a communal recycling area.

Multipurpose library.
Check your bookcase or magazine rack and throw away any books or publications you no longer want or need.

Things to throw away: broken items

Among the things that you need to throw away before the end of the year, you should place emphasis on everything that’s broken. This may include glasses, umbrellas, shoes, appliances, dishes, mirrors, or chairs.

If you don’t have the time or the opportunity to fix these things so that they have a function, it’s better to throw them away. Otherwise, they’ll take up space that you could use for other things that are functional or in good condition.

Lidless containers and other kitchen items

Don’t think that your kitchen is excluded from this list! Check your containers and throw away ones without lids, because they’re pointless. The same applies to jars and cans. Just stick with the ones that are useful to you.

This advice also applies to kitchen utensils that you no longer use or ones that are broken and old. These items usually take up a lot of space. Remember, less is more!

Start the new year with space for new things

Open the door to Christmas and New Year gifts with a clutter-free home. You’re not throwing out the old because you’re ungrateful, but because you understand that everything has a cycle. Equally, everything that’s broken, worn out, or that you no longer use, must circulate. Don’t keep it in your home forever.