The Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss cheese plant is as pretty a plant as its name suggests. It's a quirky plant that you can use in so many ways. Are you ready to invite one into your home? 
The Swiss Cheese Plant

Last update: 16 February, 2022

The Swiss cheese plant isn’t a passing fad, far from it! Also known as Monstera Deliciosa and Adam’s rib, this is one of the plants that’s been decorating the corners of our homes for what feels like forever! In fact, it’s recently become a must-have on Instagram and not only in its natural form, but also in furnishings, decorative ornaments, and illustrations.

The plant that you always saw in your grandmother’s house is now one of the most desired and is trending throughout the world. This is all thanks to its large leaves, its intense colors, and its sculptural shape. See what it can do for your home.

Swiss cheese plant: a plant-based influencer

Indoor plants that need little light

The Swiss cheese plant found its moment of popularity back in the 60s and 70s. Today, these jungle leaves have managed to make even the most modern of us, fall in love. Instagram has even dedicated its own hashtag to the plant: #MonsteraMonday.

In addition to having a divine aesthetic, its care is so simple that anyone can have one at home. Are you ready to invite one into your home?

Basic care for the Swiss cheese plant

  • Light: this plant needs a lot of indirect light and you should avoid putting it in direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Water: you have to frequently water this plant in summer, but not too much! Ensure that the substrate dries between each watering and you should spray its leaves from time to time in dry environments.
  • Temperature: it grows best between 59° F and 75.2° F. Make sure that the temperature doesn’t drop below 50° F.
  • Propagation: by stem cutting.
  • Curiosities: although it’s practically impossible for indoor crops to bear fruit, when it grows wild it bears a beautiful fruit with a delicious flavor. It tastes like something between pineapple and banana.
  • Cleaning: their large leaves tend to accumulate dust and it’s important to clean them so that they can breathe and absorb the moisture they need. Use a damp cloth to do this.
  • Pruning: if you need to prune it for space, because you want to propagate it, or simply to modify its aesthetics, do it during the spring. If you cut the stems under a knot and put them in water the roots will grow.

Decorate your home with Swiss cheese plants and patterns

The delicious monstera

As you’ve seen, this tropical and climbing plant has everything it takes to be an object of desire. It’s easy to see why it’s become irresistible.

In addition to using the plant to fill the corners of your home with its intense green and irregular leaves, you can also add decorative touches in the form of wallpaper, objects, or textiles.

Art on the walls

There are many illustrators who have found inspiration in the Swiss-cheese plant. Marina Benito uses a simple and colorful style to turn designs into delicate wall decals and motifs.

The best thing about artwork is that you can buy an original piece to hang at home or have a print at a very affordable price.

Have a Swiss cheese plant on the table

What better way to make your table centerpiece stand out than by dressing it with this plant? No, we’re not suggesting that you eat it, in fact, its leaves are toxic.

If you don’t want a plant on your table, tablecloths with Swiss cheese plant patterns can also give that tropical touch to your table and your home.

A tropical bed

Bedding no longer needs to be boring! Bring a bit of color and playfulness into your bedroom with a duvet cover or Swiss-cheese plant patterned sheets.

You’ll be surprised to see the number of textiles available that take design inspiration from the leaves of this plant. Take a look on the internet and you’ll be amazed at the options.

The Swiss cheese plant has captivated the hearts of hundreds of people and has a huge following and fan club! Add the real thing or patterns and textiles to your home to create a beautiful and on-trend living space.